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Ukrainian Families Displaced in Sicily Need Your Help

Mark delivering clothes to the Ukrainian refugees near the French border.
Mark from Act Now Ministries delivering clothes to the Ukrainian refugees in Sicily. 

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has caused a humanitarian crisis for countless people and families who live on the front lines and were forced to flee their homes for safety.

With limited access to everyday essentials and ongoing threats to wellbeing, hundreds of thousands of families across Ukraine are lacking resources and in need of support.

Act Now Ministries is actively working to support 12 families who have fled to the city of Belpasso in search of safety and freedom.

Yes, you can help.

Every little bit counts.

Your donation will specifically help to provide food, clothing and bibles in their native language to these families so desperately in need of living essentials and hope, while they strive to make sense of what is happening and look to, one day, rebuild.

In the meantime, these families whose futures are hanging in the balance, need access to living essentials to help make this unbearable transition bearable.

This escalated need can help these families get the support they need as they, along with the rest of the world, await and pray for an end to this needless conflict and suffering.

Love our neighbors

Act Now Ministries has partnered with a church in Belpasso, which is providing housing to these families by working to get electricity, propane and other basic needs in place. Donations will help in housing efforts as well as other essentials.

You can join with us to make a difference in the most dire time of need.

Restore hope. Restore lives.

For these displaced families, your help is vital now more than ever.

Since 2014, Act Now Ministries has been working with refugees in a variety of countries, with a focus on Italy. And these 12 families have fled with little to nothing — forced to leave their homes, their neighbors and their lives.

You can help aid them as they call Italy their home for now.

What does Act Now Ministries do?

We consist of Christian missionaries working with refugees around the world since 2014 and serving the people of Sicily and Italy through the gospel.

Preaching the Gospel * Working with Churches * Refugee Ministry

We believe God has a calling on people to serve His Kingdom by proclaiming His word to the world. At Act Now Ministries, we have been called to serve Sicily, Italy. Our vision is to lead and guide people to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ by being His hands and feet to the people of Italy regardless of citizenship.