Giuseppe & Pennie Collesano

Giuseppe was born and raised in Castelbuono Sicily (province of Palermo) in a Catholic family. He went to church only for holidays, baptisms etc. until his First Communion when the Priest told him that he was now a soldier for Christ. He never set foot in the church again because he had no desire to hear about a God who was going to punish him by sending him to hell.He was afraid of death and he was scared of the Christ that was up on the crucifix.

When he was 19, the first two believers that told him about the gospel befriended him. He kept listening to them until he ventured into a small meeting room in his hometown where people there studied the Bible and who could explain it to him. He became a regular attendee but still had doubts about what the missionaries were teaching. One night, on his way home after getting into a fight with his 2 best friends he decided to find out for himself whether or not what the missionaries were saying was the truth. He found a Bible that his father had brought home from Germany one Christmas and began reading it for himself.

The Holy Spirit spoke to his heart and he broke down crying and told God that if He was whom the Bible said he was that he wanted him to take over his life because he couldn’t go on any longer the way he was living. In a split seco19nd God came into his heart and his life was changed. So now what? He asked. He and his 2 buddies decided that they would have to be the ones to tell the others in their town that they had found the truth and thus started his quest to evangelize his countrymen. Two years after he was saved he went to study in Rome at the Italian Bible Institute; 1978-1980… Read More



For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes: first to the Jew, then to the Gentile. For in the gospel the righteousness of God is revealed – a righteousness that is by faith from first to last, just as it is written: “The righteous will live by faith.”

Baptism on beach

In cooperation with the local churches and also:

  • To preserve fellowship and mutual recognition of all evangelical Christian churches, acknowledging their complete autonomy with regards to internal matters;
  • Establish and coordinate the reinforcement of social and religious projects and institutions having as their goals evangelism, instruction and diffusion of the evangelical culture, assistance and charity;
  • Encourage the planting of new local churches in Italy;
  • Entertain and maintain positive relationships with other national and international religious organizations.


Act Now Ministries
Act Now Ministries2 weeks ago
Good morning to you all faithful friends .
Translating missionaries in church. Car full of donations . Visiting a local church . Sharing with refugees from Africa , mostly Muslim .
Thank you for your prayers .
God bless you.
Act Now Ministries
Act Now Ministries1 month ago
Good day to you .
We just had an earthquake here , a minor one . It was felt all around Catania for at the least 20 miles around . All safe , yet no report of any damages. Just few news and more to come . Sharing in Messina a couple Sunday’s ago . Second photo ; Francesco in the foreground with whom I shared an hour ago the gospel , pray for his salvation . Dominick ( Mimmo ) with whom I celebrated his birthday . He was one of the two believers that shared the gospel to me some 50 years ago . Blessed to call him my brother .
Thank you for praying .
Act Now Ministries
Act Now Ministries2 months ago
This crown was destined for you and me instead He took the scourge of sin to the cross to give us His eternal Crown; Life .
Happy Easter to you and yours .
Act Now Ministries
Act Now Ministries2 months ago
Good morning .
The reality of God , to serve His creature through His Son .
How is that? It should be us serving our creator , the order is backward. That’s because from our fallen state we could not redeem ourselves from our disobedience to God. We are in need of an Example to follow. Sure, serving is one thing but giving His life for sinners like us is a different thing. Here God demonstrate His love for us ; an extreme love that require an extreme sacrifice . Such a high price to pay for our freedom from sin . Easter is coming , are you ready to go to Him?
God bless you.

Matteo20:28 Appunto come il Figlio dell’uomo no è venuto per essere servito ma per servire e per dare la sua vita come prezzo di riscatto per molti.
La realtà di Dio , servire la Sua creatura attraverso Suo figlio.
Come è possibile questo? Dovremmo essere noi a servire Dio e non viceversa.
Questo è perché dal nostro stato di peccato non potevamo redimerci da noi stessi per aver disubbidito a Dio.
Noi abbiamo bisogno di avere un esempio da seguire . Come Cristo ha servito noi ; noi dobbiamo servire gli altri. Di sicuro servire altri è buono , ma dare la propria vita per gli altri e totalmente un’altra cosa. Qui Dio dimostra il Suo amore per noi ; un amore estremo che richiede un estremo sacrificio. Un alto prezzo da pagare per la nostra libertà dal peccato .
Pasqua sta per arrivare, sei pronto ad incontrare il Tuo Salvatore ??
Dio ti benedica .
Act Now Ministries
Act Now Ministries2 months ago
Greetings from Sicily . Spring has sprung . Even temps in the high 70”. Delivering goods for the needy and having the great opportunity to share the Gospel. Also fellowship Sicilian style with the church Grace and Truth of Catania where we serve too.
God bless you .
Act Now Ministries
Act Now Ministries2 months ago
Greetings from Sicily . Still cold here like in Michigan. Still sharing His Word and praying for souls to belong to Him. Francesco had his birthday and invited me and our volunteer Giuseppe La China for dinner , this ribs where good. Snow was e tu at the time on Mt.Etna and chill up there.being invited to a dinner party again tonight Giuseppe C shared His Word to the Motta family , pray for their kids Filippo and Graziella.
Birthday party at church in Catania ( Grace and Truth church ) great fellowship and blessed time there.
Another invite to a birthday , this time of Kamin at a Japanese restaurant in Catania . Our friend Angelo and his wife attended too , another opportunity to share the Word .
Thank you for praying .
Ciao for now.

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