April 2013
Family Savic


“I thank Christ Jesus our Lord, who has given me strength, that he considered me trustworthy, appointing me to his service”. 1 Timothy 1:12

We bring you news with great pleasure about the recent events. God took us to different places and we had the opportunity to touch the hearts of many people. We are greatly thankful for your prayers and support. Your friendship and faithfulness are a real blessing from heaven for us!

On March 22-23 we held the third Equip conference of the second level at Fruška Gora. There were 44 pastors from Serbia, Hungary and Bosnia. Lecturers were Gaetano Sottile from Italy and Dave Sawkins from USA. This was a unique opportunity for leaders from the region to experience renewal and learn new things that would help them in their personal lives and the service for the Lord. Here are a couple of comments of the leaders that are being trained through the Equip program:

“I love Equip because my leading is now more sober, mature, and wiser; I am more decisive, more secure in who I am and what I should do and in what way. I’d say that all the success of the organization I lead is a result of getting the right tools at the right time to do that. My personal effectiveness grew! Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this training.” Darko Adamek, Serbian Director for Child Evangelism Fellowship.

“Previous level of Equip immensely influenced the church I lead. The topic was relationships and it inspired me to preach a series in the past six months that I called “Our Daily Relationships” and it was based on the material from the Equip training. In that period the church grew to 115 people, plus kids. The training also influenced our church to grow in our relationships in practical ways, and also towards those who do not follow Christ. When I look at my life I see growth as a result of being involved in Equip.” Dušan Beređi, Pastor APRIL 2, 2013

Evangelism is still our priority. Every Saturday we organize evangelistic events at the hotel in downtown Belgrade that is attended by 20 to 30 students. We also started a Bible group every Thursday at the Student dorm. We have free classes of English language and Zumba dance. We discovered that classes of cooking are a good way to gather young people and we do that once a month. We prepare the food together have a relaxed time and at the end have a dinner together. APRIL 3, 2013


March 24th was a special day for our church. On that day Nebojsa officially was appointed for a pastor role. For that event we had guests form USA, Italy, Hungary and Serbia. There were over 80 people at that service. This is a great joy for our church that is growing slowly but surely. There are over 50 people, with children, that come regularly to our services. Pray for Nebojsa to be a good pastor! APRIL 4, 2013


At the moment we have eight couples, three children and two individuals for counseling. There is a Serbian from Singapore that we contact for counseling on Skype. Soon we will have one more couple for the premarital counseling. Last week we gave two interviews for the papers.

March 27 to April 1 we were at the Easter camp in London and had two lectures for the youth on how to prepare for the marriage. Our topic was “Before You Jump”. Thank God, it was great and we were really satisfied. After the lecture we had good individual conversations and prayers with the young people. The organizers of the event were also very satisfied.

This is a letter from the pastor of London Family Church, Gospel Odama – Kentoe:

“Dear Nesa and Goca,

It was amazing having you at this year’s Easter Family Camp. Your handling of the workshop on Singles was extraordinary. We are receiving great reports from those who attended. There wasn’t going to be any other person to do the job well as you did and we would like to express our sincere thanks and gratitude to you and your wife, as well as your children for allowing you to come to make this year’s Easter Camp a success. God richly bless you for everything.” APRIL 5, 2013


April 3-6 in Strasbourg France there was a conference “Hope for Europe” and “Women in Leadership”. Goca had the privilege, along with another woman to be a representatives for Serbia. This conference was a life changing experience for Goca. She met wonderful people and ministries, and in an incredible way connected with people that want to help us in our work with married couples.

We believe that in the future we will see plenty of fruit as a result of this conference.

– 18-21 April regional conference “Daughters of the King” in Vrnjacka banja. We expect about 650 women and the topic is “Hearts on Fire.” Goca is the main organizer and she will have one lecture on the topic of marriage after God`s Heart.
– June 6-9 regional conference for men in Belgrade. Nebojsa is the main organizer and his lecture will be “Brave Heart”. We expect 300 men and the topic of the conference is “Warriors & Lovers.”
– Prayer for the church and our family.

Dear partners with Gaetano and IFC, do you see all this is possible because you felt led by the Spirit to support Gaetano and Sondra and the ministry of IFC who in turn continues to reach out to others, to love each one of the people set in their path into the Kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and continue the Great Commission!!!