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Greetings from Virginia Beach!

We wish all of you a Happy Easter and blessed Resurrection Day. The Lord has blessed us with another gift: the birth of Evan Arthur Mullins, our daughter’s firstborn, and our fifth grandchild. God is Good.

In the midst of a pandemic and lockdown overseas, where people are banned to be together even on Easter, we can rejoice in remembering that our God is still in charge. The freedom that He promised did not die on the cross; it was fulfilled on Resurrection Day. By the time you read these few lines from us, we hope and pray that you had a blessed Easter and that in the midst of chaos, your faith has become much stronger.

We are thankful to God for you in helping us reach for One more for The One. The ministry goes forward despite any attempt from the enemy to slow us down. Pray with us for the days ahead that soon we will be able to be there on the front lines. We have received good reports from overseas as our coworkers continue the ministry there. Our storage place is full of donations from our partners at the Navy base in Sicily. Once these are distributed, the Word of God is given also.

Good news also from our partners in Sardinia, where people from another town are coming to meet with the church in Quartu S.Elena near the capital Cagliari. A family of five makes trips to participate in worship and bible study there; in their town, there is no church. Lord, send more laborers there…pray for that.

Because of the increase, Quartu church is praying and considering buying a lot of land where they could build a church. Pray for that.

Also pray that God will show you how He can use you in His mission field. We would love to show and share with you where you can impact the next generation in leaving a mark there. The refugee churches are waiting for our visit to encourage them going forward. The impact we had in Sicily by meeting them as refugees has translated into the planting of many churches all over Italy and Europe. Pray for them also.

Pray also that restrictions will be lifted for travel here and overseas. Pray for contacts here in North Carolina who will be meeting with Giuseppe to entertain the possibility of serving with Act Now Ministries overseas.

Thank you for your love and support.

As always : Let’s go fishing (really) for One more for The One.

Serving together, Giuseppe and Pennie Collesano
God bless you.
Ciao for now.