April 2023 Newsletter

April 2023 Newsletter

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Greetings from Sicily and thank you for praying for the ministry here. After settling in Belpasso, Giuseppe started the process for recognizing Act Now Ministries as a not-for-profit. The papers have been filed and we expect to have them soon. Thanks for praying.

As you well know, we are able to share the gospel here on a daily basis. March was a birthday month for Giuseppe Collesano and many others, as you can see from the pictures. The first was Francesco’s birthday, a new friend to Giuseppe. As a gift, we gave him a shirt with a tie and a bible plus some accompanying booklets. He was pleased. Another opportunity to share our faith!

Another birthday saw us in Catania for a Japanese friend and also with Angelo and his wife with whom we shared the gospel. Giuseppe was invited to a lunch by the Motta family and was able to share the gospel with them. There was another birthday at the church in Catania for Grace and Truth, where Giuseppe has been preaching also. In the meantime, Giuseppe developed an intestinal virus. It was quite unpleasant for about a week, but thanks for your prayers.

All had a good time at Giuseppe’s birthday on the 21st at the house of Pastor Giuseppe Fortuna’s family. During this time, we donated clothes and other necessities to a center, with some of the material going to Turkey and Ukraine for the ongoing relief there. On the 25th, we had a ladies’ bible study at the Fortuna’s. The men were in charge by taking care of the children and preparing the food for 40 adults and children. Fellowship Sicilian-style! It was a great time of sharing and growing together.

On the 26th, Giuseppe was again invited to a dinner at the Motta family residence; this time with two other couples present. There was great food and an opportunity for all of them to wish Giuseppe a happy birthday. The Lord opened the door for Giuseppe to share with all at the dinner. There were many questions asked and they were all very receptive to the Word of God.

The same night we filled the pulpit in a Floridia church. It was great to see the church again and rekindle our friendship. On Monday, Giuseppe visited with Giuseppe and Valentina, one of the couples from the previous day, to give them a bible to which they were thankful to have. Also, Valentina’s husband requested another meeting to explore more of what was shared the day before. God is at work.

On the family front, all is good with Pennie spending time in Virginia for another birthday. Evan, their grandson, turned two this month. God is good. More to come in the coming weeks. In Sicily, it is now allergy season with all the plants budding. The volcano ashes in the air don’t help much either. Thank you for your prayers and support.

As always: Let’s go fishing for one more for the One.
God bless you.

Serving together our Lord and Savior and soon we all will celebrate His resurrection on Easter. Not only risen but expecting His return.

Giuseppe and Pennie Collesano
Ciao for now.