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The arts have been an important part of Italian culture for hundreds of years. Much like today’s inventive technology, the Renaissance was a time of great thinking and innovation. We want to cultivate a second Renaissance—a time of curiosity and re-engagement with the arts by young people. OneHope is creating this program to be a door into the rich culture, history and imagery of Italy.

Each participating school will receive a kit for teachers, which includes easy-to-follow instructions for the art program. Students choose one of twelve Bible stories to paint or illustrate in a two-dimensional way (either on canvas or paper). During a two- to three-week period (depending on the teacher’s schedule for the year), students will complete their projects for the local school exhibit. The winners from this exhibit must be selected and samples uploaded for regional competition judging by October 20, 2014.

Volunteers from the community will assist the school in hosting an art exhibit that will be judged by local art professionals, school and government leaders. The twelve winners from each school will be entered into a final competition with a regional exhibit taking place in early- to mid-December.

Determined by a panel of judges, there will be one winner for each of the categories. The final twelve winners will each be given an iPad Mini, and their work will be showcased as it travels throughout the region in a mobile art exhibit. This will give students the opportunity to show their skill and talent to the local community, as well as providing the entire region of Sicily an interactive art exhibit to enjoy.

The final and traveling exhibits that showcase the winning paintings will feature an interactive app. Students can download the free app and when they point their mobile device at each painting, the painting will ‘come alive’ and lead to additional content featuring a short video from the artist, videos about the Bible story featured in each painting, and other creative and relevant content. This interactive art exhibit will allow teens to experience a dynamic event where ancient art techniques meet modern technology. Engaging creativity in stories and narratives challenges students and the entire family will enjoy an art gallery in a new and relevant way.