August usually means “ A slow month” here, but…

Hello friends and supporters; Thank You for Praying!

Looks like summer is over and the rainy season is starting around here. And Etna has been showing her colors a bit too, with a few eruptions of the south side of the crater. We have been blessed to receive her volcanic sand all over our yard again!

August usually is a slow month with people going away for vacations. It is normal to see your favorite shop closed for the entire month, and the beaches and mountain retreats overflowing with people enjoying themselves.

Giuseppe was asked to preach at the local church in Ramacca where Antonio leads this small congregation of believers. And as always the church was full when a guest speaker is available to help. Eph. 6:21-24 was our topic for the evening.

The Bible studies in which we are involved are going well. Warriors for Christ is for single men who are currently stationed at Sigonella. We meet every Tuesday night where we share a meal together and spend time in prayer and in God’s Word. It has been a privilege to lead this group since our friend Russell returned to his work in the States after serving here for two years in the military.

On Thursday night another men’s group meets on Marinai, where we continue the study from the book by Francis Chan, Multiply. We spend a great time in discussion where we are challenged to put in practice what we have studied.

The ladies PWOC group begins their fall kickoff tonight where we will also, will begin our night with a meal together, prayer and our study this fall is: Live a Praying Life by J Kennedy Dean. We were blessed to have 15 of us gather together and more saying that they are anxious to join with us.

On Friday nights, Giuseppe was asked to help and mentor a young single sailor who leads in another Bible study, where the focus is meant to help young believers (both men and women) to know the Word and be able to share it. It is a great reward to see these ones grow and mature in the Lord. We are making disciples that will be able to continue His work for the next generations.

Thank you for Praying.

This year we were invited to share at a local summer camp not too far from our house. Two churches came together and held a week long camp where we were asked to share about our ministry here and how they can be a part of Kingdom making. I.e. ” What is evangelism and how can I be used?” It was great to end the day with a lot of handmade/homemade pizzas by a fellow believer whose occupation is Pizzaiolo! The fellowship and encouragement alongside a slice was much appreciated. We were very grateful to be used on this occasion.

“Can you use some help?” Of course!

As you might already know we are working in partnership with a local mission in Sicily called ELIM. We share the same interest in reaching the lost, who are not only Sicilians, but also many people from Senegal, Ghana, Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Afghanistan, Romanian, Albania, Bangladesh, India and many more.

We were contacted by a group of Air Force personnel desiring to serve during the couple of months stationed in Europe.
Help was needed on the west side of the island where the Mayor of Castelvetrano is allowing the use of an abandoned slaughterhouse for relief for the needy. We had the opportunity to lead a group of twelve people in cleaning one of many large buildings to became a dining room and kitchen that will feed 100 people at a time twice a week two meals a day. This group worked very hard and they are willing to come back and see that the project is finished and God willing, serving the first meal in the new kitchen and dining room.

Already one of the buildings is operational with tons of sorted clothes where the people are able to shop for the needed clothing; there is a large population of refugees from Africa and for sure they are glad that there is a place like this in Sicily.

And then…. there is Pippo (Giuseppe). Lots of men have this name because it is very common here. Sometimes I hear “my name” called and I answer not thinking that there could be another twenty Giuseppe’s around. So anyway, He came to the market in Ramacca because a friend of mine told him about me and wanted to meet me.
We had a little talk and he said that he would like to meet me again.
Last Friday morning he came to the Belpasso market to see me, we had an espresso coffee and I shared the Gospel with him. He asked me if I could give him a New Testament in large print because is sight is getting weaker, I did give him one, to which he thanked me, but best of all I really liked what he had to say:  I will read it because I need it.
Please pray for Pippo.

Again we thank you for your love and support.

God bless you for your part in His Work.

We are going fishing, everyday (really) for souls.
Ciao for now.