Xirumi castle not too far from Catania. Nowadays used for weddings and parties.

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Etna erupting. Something to see when you come to visit us.

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Here we preached the gospel in 1975 for the first time, now with the local church we returned with Splat Experience and after we had a pizza.

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In Ragusa where we did an outreach that lasted till 2 am. Lots of people heard His Word.

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Ragusa: This was like WOW all these people, what an opportunity to share His News with them.

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Siracusa, places to see in Sicily. This is  the town where the Apostle Paul stayed three days before arriving in Rome. Here with Splat Experience we shared the Gospel in Apollos temple square.

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Catania community outreach. With 70 plus American doing a service project.


Belpasso, places to see in Sicily.  When you ready to eat pizza, it is time for the St.Anne procession to come by. Lots of noise followed by the fireworks 50 feet away from our house. For these people we are here, to share and give them The Hope; Jesus.

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Belpasso. The fireworks on top of us.