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I Thessalonians 5:16-18
Pray without ceasing.

During this crisis, we have had plenty of time to pray for sure.

Greetings to our faithful friends and partners from all of us at Act Now Ministries. We are thankful for your faithfulness and desire that His Word is preached in order to reach people and bring them to the saving knowledge of The Gospel. We are bombarded every day with bad news from the media. Actually, we are told in His Word that the peace that the world would like us to believe in is achieved through violence and destruction. Jesus Is Peace, not an ideology.

That is why the apostle Paul invites us to continue in prayer without ceasing. We invite you to read the entire chapter of I Thessalonians.

Giuseppe is still waiting to return to Sicily while continuing to stay in daily contact. The latest news from Italy says the country has seen a resurgence of the Covid-19 virus. In the province of Catania near where we are located, almost an entire church is on lockdown and some are in intensive care. This happened in the town of Pedara, only six miles from Belpasso.

Even with the prescribed restrictions, the virus is still active. The Italian government actually has stricter rules than here in the USA. After receiving the Bibles, our coworkers in the north were able to distribute them and continue the ministry there. Thank you for praying and giving.

After a moratorium on the arrival of refugees from Africa, the migration is again in full swing. The island of Lampedusa is again overtaken with refugees. The island population of 6,000 has now reached 13,000. They are facing difficulties in housing all the refugees that are arriving daily. Please pray.

For the month of July, 13,000 new refugees have arrived in Sicily from Africa, escaping high unemployment, tribal strife, human trafficking and in some cases, war. Pray without ceasing.

Some of the 20 regions in Italy are at the breaking point and are refusing entry to new arrivals. Just recently, a good number of refugees brought with them the Corona virus; left unchecked, some have escaped refugee camps.

Our coworkers in Sicily at this moment are prevented from distributing goods due to risks of infection. We are holding shipments until September, praying and hoping that this scourge will disappear soon.

We are thankful that our faith has kept us grounded and steadfast in Him, our Hope and Deliverance. We pray continuously for you and wait to see you in person as God allows.  
Thank you for partnering with us in His work.

Make your faith known, our eternal faith in The One.

As always: Let’s go fishing (really) for One more for The One.
God bless you.
Serving together, Giuseppe and Pennie Collesano.
Ciao for now.