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Greetings to all of you, our friends and supporters of Act Now Ministries!

We hope that you’re enjoying your summer and hopefully with less restrictions from the pandemic. We are spending some time in northern Michigan and hosting some of our friends visiting here. Just last Sunday, Pastor Vallen Prest was the guest speaker at the Coast Guard Chapel here. Giuseppe invited him to fill the pulpit and bring His Word. It was almost a full house with a potluck lunch following the service. Pastor Vallen has been coming to minister and serve with us in Sicily and Sardinia.

We take this occasion to thank you for your prayers for us and also during the wild fires that destroyed parts of the island of Sardinia, bringing extensive damage to the woods and olive farms. Some towns were even destroyed. But thankfully, no lives were lost. Now the wild fires have started in Sicily. Sometimes these are started on purpose so that afterwards, there will be jobs in the rebuilding. It sounds outrageous but the lack of work and the pandemic hitting on an already very weak economy creates this problem. People need to feed their families and they will do the unthinkable.

Good news from Sicily with Giuseppe and Isidoro in responding to some of the needs of the people. They were able to donate a couch and a refrigerator to a couple of families, alongside sharing His Word with them. Last week, the Bibles were finally delivered to a church in Siracusa and you can see that they are very thankful for your investment in their lives. Siracusa is the place where the Apostle Paul stayed on his way to Rome, soon after he left Malta where he was bitten by a viper. Also we are helping a Brazilian church in Pisa – yes, the home of the leaning tower. We hope to visit and encourage these churches that we have been able to support with your love and prayers.

We continue teaching two or three bible studies here daily and also abroad. The virus does not stop the Word of God from being shared. We are thankful to God that this month, another grandchild will be added to the Collesano tribe. Coming soon, our son Ben and wife Aly will welcome another daughter in their family. We ask to pray for them for the healthy arrival of baby Zoe.

Blessed beyond measure, we thank you for your partnership with us to reach the Italian population and our next neighbor wherever or whomever he might be. Matthew 28:18-20 is very clear – “Go into all the world and tell it.” We want to encourage you to keep your faith active for our Lord, so that when He comes back, He will find us at work in His field.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your love, prayers, financial support and even coming alongside us to actively share His Gospel of Peace.

God bless you.
As always: Let’s go fishing (really) for One more for The One.
Serving together, Giuseppe and Pennie Collesano
Ciao for now.