August is rapidly coming to a close and in Italy the national holiday month is just about completed.  As you know, most people leave for holiday and the towns become very quiet.  It is far too hot for them because most do not have air conditioning there.  And even with the heat of the month they also have Mt. Etna erupting, shakes, heat, and so on.  And here in the US we have had such tremendously crazy weather, one day hot and sunny the next torrential rain in areas unlikely.  Even in the day of information and technology with the heat in Italy it causes Internet defective problems, sometimes it works and sometime, not so much.  The inconsistency of all around us keeps one guessing.

It is a good thing that our Lord is more consistent than the weather and what has been happening around the world! It is His consistency that we hold dearly to, knowing that even in very critical times such as we are having now, it is always a great encouragement to know that He can do so much with so little.  It is so exciting to see the ways in which the Lord continues to use all of us in our walk with Him.  This is IFC’s 31st year in ministry and we are so thankful to those of you who continue to support and pray on a daily basis for this glorious work.

 I am attaching for your reading at your leisure some of the latest reports.  We pray you are encouraged and will share them with others.  And of course many of you know Gaetano and Sondra just had the marriage of their little baby Naomi in July.  Naomi and her new husband Claudio have gone and had their honeymoon and Mama and Papa are resting in the fact that this new precious marriage has been gathered together in the Lord.

As you can see, the Lord continues to provide for IFC to reach into the hearts and homes of the people of Italy.  He is using you, his church, and your continued love and support and the fact that you are mission minded is such a blessing to this ministry and to all of the team.  We are doing all that we can, given the critical financial situation we are in right now to keep you informed of all the latest developments pertaining to the work in Italy.

As the Lord leads, we will continue to provide you with the wonderful news of the work that the Lord continues to do through Gaetano, Sondra, Giuseppe and Pennie and the entire team of IFC.  If we can once again build our support up to budget levels I will once again be able to send out our Newsletter Full Circle, but until then, we will continue to email to those who’s emails we have.  May we reach all the Italians with the Gospel of Christ in this generation and beyond. And pray we can count on your support.