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JUNE 2014

The main target for a leader is to multiply him/herself and mentor new emerging leaders. This has been the thrust of IFC in the past few years.

Equip, encourage and open opportunities to lead has created new partnership with hungry young leaders who have come up to the challenge in the area of planting new churches, youth ministries, evangelism and Christian literature.

The youth has always been treated as a less important ministry compared to the senior matters of the church. For us at IFC is the contrary. We have been investing in emerging leaders because they know better how to influence their generation that must be reached today and not tomorrow.

Francesco Romeo in Sicily and Marco Palma, Alessandro Iovino and Vincenzo Abbate in Naples have been sons in the faith that have made me so proud for their dedication, sacrifice, creativity and, most of all, love for the lost!

Here are some pictures of evangelizations, conferences and church meetings totally prepared, led and completed by them and resulting in movements that are spreading out all over Italy.

We just met in Rome to launch an art contest that will take place in the high schools starting in the fall in partnership with Onehope.

Students will be asked to produce an art product of 12 subjects like creation, the flood, the exodus, the cross etc. that will be judged by local authorities and then shown all over the high schools, city halls and piazzas. This will give us another great opportunity to share the gospel to thousands of young people that will also receive the evangelistic book La Mia Storia!

During this time of preparation I am asking you to pray for an unprecedented harvest among hundreds of thousands of young people in need of salvation and purpose for their life.

A European Conference has been organized by IFC in November, hosting leaders from 15 European countries in order to equip them to do the same projects for their young people and the anticipation is growing strong every day.

Counting on the Lord’s provision and your support to make it happen!

Guy and the IFC team.