Hello dear partners in ministry:

Another year has just ended and a new one has begun. We hope you had a great season of holidays with the best Merry Christmas ever and a New Year that renews your faith and makes it stronger.

Ours was full to the brim with many doors opening and opportunities that He provided to serve. Thank you! At the end of the year we sum up what we were able to accomplish. I came up with one word: PROFIT.

Your investment and ours paid off: more than 2,000 bibles in English were given, with 25% going to Muslims, plus another 15 languages being provided with bibles too. From July to December, we had four baptismal services. Around 100 where baptized this year alone! There are more to be baptized when I return to Sicily. Matthew 16:24-28 talks about profit…please read it, as it will help you set up goals for this new year.

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A brief summary for December:

As you know, I serve at a Navy base in Sicily. This year alone, they donated more than 30,000 pounds of clothes and food. During one of my trips there, a first-class sailor asked if I could officiate at his retirement ceremony. It was a great honor to serve our troops in this special occasion.

In Castelvetrano where we are now serving, we held a supper for the poor. Along with four other organizations and city officials, we served a full-course meal, gifts, toys, and most of all His Word to the ones that came. Thank you for praying.

With David, our intern, we went to Vita (Life). We gave shoes and literature to a group of refugees and we prayed with them. Before leaving, I met a local, Dino, asking for some directions to a grocery store. I gave Dino some Italian literature too as well as other people in the grocery store. He also gave a gift to me, but most of all, he begged me to come back to share the gospel there. WOW! God is at work because you prayed.

On December 15, David and I came back to Michigan for the holidays. Our son Joshua asked me if I could read and sing in Italian at Kensington Church in Birmingham. The church was launching their global partnership with a country in the Middle East. What a great way to serve even in this occasion.

As many of you know, we are grandparents now to Levi Joseph born to Joshua and Rachel in October. It was awesome to see Levi and hold him and rejoice for this blessing to us. As a family, we were all together for a few weeks and we are thankful for their serving attitude. This is our profit, to serve our God and to see Him blessing us.

We have a few projects for you to pray for this coming year:

  • 4,000 bibles for two special trips
  • A church leadership team coming over to partner with us
  • A building project in Castelvetrano
  • The coming of to evangelize with us for a month in Sicily

We thank you for your faithfulness to the Lord and your continued support for us as we serve. God bless you. 

Giuseppe and Pennie Collesano

Serving together