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Hello to our dear friends and supporters of the work here in Sicily!

We hope you had a very happy Thanksgiving holiday with family and friends. Here, the Thanksgiving holiday is celebrated, too, as some churches have American missionaries who bring this tradition from the USA. For sure, we do have a lot to be thankful for, knowing that all thanks go to our God for His gift to us, His Son.

With the holidays upon us, Giuseppe will travel to the USA for a period of rest and family time, and the remaining birthdays to be celebrated yet.

This year, Giuseppe was able to spend few days with his brother Gandolfo and family picking olives on their father’s farm. It is always a sight to see the town of Castelbuono from a different angle: beautiful! As always, even picking olives there is time to share His Word at the Piano Torre refugee camp and in the Castelbuono local church with Pastor Locher.

So far, we have given out 11,000 bibles that has provided for the work here. Also, we see the plea for bibles as far as Ghana and Nigeria. These bibles with Pastor Godson are going to Spain.

We received a plea from an African pastor so that he can minister to the refugees there. Thank you for your support. It is always good for Giuseppe to spend some time with another Giuseppe – together, we evangelized in the town of Acireale and the surrounding 17 villages for two years. Pastor Granito from nearby Naples (Napoli) was very thankful to receive the literature so that he can provide an effective ministry to the Italians and the refugees.

This Sunday brought 10 new visitors transferred from Italy to Sicily in a different camp. All of the visitors received a bible, a notepad and a pen so that they can follow the sermons being preached.

Giuseppe will travel to Michigan on December 14 until January 23, and he hopes to rest a little and maybe have some visits with you. Here at Act Now Ministries, we want to wish you all a very special Merry Christmas this year and a Happy New Year.

God has more for each one of us so that we can share His Love to the ones that we come in contact with. As always, we leave you with these words that my friend David said a long time ago: Let’s go fishing (really) for souls. Bless someone!

Giuseppe and Pennie Collesano wish you all His Blessing for Christmas and for the New Year.

Ciao for now.