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Here is the report on the Easter Conference held in Naples and organized by GSC, shared with me by the young president of this ministry Tony Morra.

SEND ME was the main theme of the conference organized by Generation without borders (GSC), one of the ministries IFC is partnering with.

The theme was not only a missionary call, but a cry for missionary life. Here am I, Send Me to transform my family, friends, school, church, city and nation.

THE BAND GSC boys, like every year, did an outstanding job. New and old songs, translated andunpublished, guided the hundreds of young people in the strongest moments of praise and worship.

The Guest speakers For the conference have been a gift from God.  Bryce Manderfield, Marcela Gandara, Lou & Therese Engle, Bill Wilson, Victor & Matilda Fiorese, Robert Saunders and Eddie James with the Band; a variety of gifts and ministries that have enriched all. I do not know how we managed to have them all together! Truly a miracle!

Bryce Manderfield challenged us in two sessions, one to not grow cold in our love and the other to break every chain in our lives. A message from the young to the young; “God is bigger than your past, your limitations do not limit God.”

“The world is not saved because the church is still fettered.” Marcela Gandara led us in an intense moment of praise and worship. His songs filled the heart and refreshed the soul.

Lou Engle has challenged Italy (as well as Europe) to fast and pray for the nation until something happens to real spiritual awakening like never before. His passion is to urge all of us. “The Awakening is the only solution for Europe.” “Fasting and praying always precedes effective evangelism and power.” “We are the Poetry of God”.

Bill Wilson, a general of Christ, a hero of the faith. His testimony and lifestyle are an example for all of us. As a child abandoned on the streets is now a pastor with the largest Sunday school in the world, more than 100,000 children every week reached with the Gospel and humanitarian aid.

I can state firmly that our lives will never be the same! “God needs ordinary people to make a difference.” “The urgency of life requires our action.” “Sometimes you have to stand between life and death.”   Robert Saunders, a friend and father for GSC, had a message of love and joy that inspired all participants to live, as a priority, with the love of God in our lives.  From that love we can fulfill the mandate of God “Your past has no future.” “Love and joy, this is what you need.”

Everything would have been in vain without the presence of OUR God!  In each session, prayer, worship, lunch etc… God was present. We heard through His word preached, but also in interpersonal relationships that have been created.  Thank you to everyone who attended and supported GSC , a network of young and old to reach this nation for Jesus !

The best is yet to come!  Antonio Morra, President GSC Team