Last week the big news in Italy was the election of the new pope that has captured the attention of the masses in Italy and the world. The choice of the name by the new pope, Francesco (Pope Francis the 1st), is a sign of the will of the clergy to go back to the simplicity and humility of the gospel. This is a very hard challenge for a structure that needs a complete reformation from inside out. In his first mass held that weekend he said that it is the responsibility of the church to evangelize the world and share the gospel of Jesus Christ with the world!

Let’s pray that our evangelical family in Italy can be a resource and a model for the salvation of many during this strategic time where people are looking for a personal relationship with God! We also just had a team go do distribution of 5000 books to the schools on the Amalfi coast in Sorrento. It is so wonderful to have all these things happening. I should have a report on that soon!

I am so excited for the opportunities that all our leaders have to enhance their vision and reach more people with the good news of the gospel in the final days!

Now Gaetano is in Serbia for another full weekend of training and more! They will have their first youth conference/crusade and Gaetano will be sharing! He shared, “Ready for Belgrade. Training leaders Friday and Saturday. Youth outreach on Saturday night. Ordination of Nebojsa Savic on Sunday. Pretty busy schedule!”

Please pray for all of these people whose hearts want to reach out to their country as much as Gaetano wants to reach out to his country so that All may come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ in these final days!

God bless you all for your continued prayers and if you haven’t sent a support in yet, now would be a great time as we prepare for a fabulous Easter weekend event in Naples! This weekend will include another wonderful concert by Hillsong and we are sure hearts will be touched!

Counting on You!

Betsy for IFC