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What a great blessing is to go to Serbia and train the local leaders coming in from all the Balkan regions!

The most important quality of these leaders is their hunger to learn more and the eagerness to share how what they learn has had a crucial impact in their ministries and businesses.  Some of the student’s remarks are included in this report for your review and I hope you can see how your investment in Italy for Christ is producing such an exciting fruit in one of the most un-evangelized areas of the world!

After the conference which covered the principles on how to deal with failures in our life and make them work for a more productive future, Sondra and I had the privilege to speak in the local church in Belgrade just born when we started our partnership in Serbia 5 years ago.

As a result today we have a vibrant and growing church, a counseling center downtown and a regular Saturday night evangelistic service at the University where many students coming also from various countries of the world, have found a saving relationship with Jesus Christ The Lord!

“Hello Dave and Guy, It was so nice to be together again. We are so glad Sondra came. God blessed us and we had really good time. Below you will find some pictures and comments from the equip graduates.  God Bless and be in touch,” Nesa

Equip is a great blessing for me because we have the opportunity to discuss deep, specific and meaningful issues that are rarely discussed in Serbia. The truths we are learning about have positive effect on my spiritual life and develop my understanding of leadership. They are also a blessing to people I disciple because their lives are empowered and they help them in fulfilling God’s plans for their lives.” Aleksandar Kalko, Pastor

“I always adjust my annual calendar to free up my time for the dates set for Equip conferences. My priority is to attend each conference. I am grateful to God for excellent speakers – Dave and Guy.” Miroslav Cobrda

Equip conferences help me gain knew knowledge. They provide an opportunity for growth, contact with God’s men and women, and guide me towards fulfilling my vision.” Sanja Perkovic Goga

Equip is an excellent thing. This seminar has been the most useful for me so far. The topics are addressed from different aspects which helps me not only in my work at church, but also in my relationships with colleagues and family.” Sasa Veselinovic, Decon

“I would like to thank you for an excellent program and speakers. I thank Dave and Guy for investing their time and experience in us. They truly are a blessing for the leaders in Serbia. I thank Nesa and Goca for organization.” Slavisa Milanovic, Pastor

“Through Equip I became more optimistic, and I renewed my motivation for and commitment to the ministry. The sessions help me develop better and deeper relationships with people. I often go back to the manuals as reference material and I feel that I am now more equipped to overcome barriers I face in life.” Drago Pejic Pastor

“Dear Nesa and Goca, Thank you so much for taking care of us during our Equip conference. We are so proud of your work for The Lord! Rich blessings,” Guy and Sondra

Once again, dear partners, we felt your prayers and support as we gave all we had during this glorious weekend!

Rich blessings and much love!

Guy and the IFC Team