Mount Etna Volcano Continues to Erupt

A tourist town just outside of Catania has been covered in ash after Mount Etna volcano erupted again.

Giuseppe and Pennie shared with me the information on the further eruption of Mt. Etna. In an small town called Zafferana Etnea, which is a small tourist town in the province of Catania closer to the mountain it has a population of approximately 9,450 residents. The town on April 3rd suffered from the effects of the volcano which covered the little town with soot and ash leaving quite a large and toxic mess for the residents to clean up.

Please pray for these townspeople as they clean up by sweeping, trucks and other ways of scraping up the massive layers of soot from the streets, piazzas and sidewalks in the town.

The mountain has continued to erupt since the end of last year. Already in 2013 it has erupted 8 times and the people of the areas said that they could hear the explosions and felt the violent trembling of the earth. The people that they spoke with said the air was humid and then the sky went dark and there was no visibility because of the clouds of steam and soot that were coming out.
Please pray for the workers out in the Piazzas who are breathing in the dust and ash that goes into the air as the cleanup begins.

The towns around the mountain are used to having to deal with the volcano but 8 times already in three months is getting hard on them. The cleanup is grand because it covers the roof tops and gardens and makes it unhealthy to be outside with the dust. The state has declared a state of emergency.

The workers collect the hard lava and blow away the ash because when it gets wet it makes like a concrete and is waterproof. The scientists say it is mildly radioactive and bad for your health.
The townspeople have started filling up plastic bags with the ash that was swept up. Keep praying!

Let us be a light in a much needed area right now. Let’s go fishing (really) for souls, Giuseppe and Pennie Collesano, Partnering with Italy for Christ. Mt. Etna erupts April 3, 2013