Evangelism and Leadership Training – Starting Back With Me

January – February off to a Great Start 2015

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This has been a very busy month and we are just at the beginning of February! On January21st I led a whole day training session with young, motivated and ready to roll young emerging leaders.  The main focus and final resolution was to create  system to equip via Internet and local conferences people of influence on leadership.

The name of the project is “Starting Back With Me”, and it focuses on personal training to equip leaders in order to live and accomplish the God given vision in their life! There is lots of work ahead but a strong conviction to be exactly in the will of God!

This past weekend both Sondra and I had the privilege to minister in Caserta and Naples.

In Caserta I taught at the House of Prayer. This ministry is led by a young leader that I led to the Lord with his family some 30 years ago. The house of prayer has an ongoing schedule of prayer 24/7 where many believers and leaders from different churches gather to pray and worship.

I addressed the leaders present with the 5 Laws of Decline. These laws point out the reasons why people and nations experience decline both personally and corporately.

The meeting was a blessing! Many came forward to commit themselves to change the current of decline and become agents of blessings with the ultimate purpose to present the gospel to a nation that is experiencing a definite decline.

Please pray for Pastor Giuseppe Conte who leads the house of prayer. I could hardly believe how that young boy who received CHRIST 30 years ago, is so dedicated to the call of God in his life.

Rejoice with me as our partnership , down through the years, has brought permanent fruit. Your prayers and support has had such a great return not only in bringing people to salvation but equipping them to become strong leaders for the kingdom!

And on to Sunday where we ministered in Naples in our young church Gospel Napoli, led by one of my disciples Marco Palma. This church that is just over 1 year old, was packed with almost 200 people! I preached on finding your purpose in life! What would have happened if Moses or Noah had not fulfilled their purpose in life?

The main points of my message were Potential (finding our unique strengths given us by God), Passion (the pleasure to do what we are doing and the pressure to complete our mission), Profit (potential aligned with passion must produce fruit), and Purpose, when potential and passion produce profit , our unique purpose is revealed!

At the invitation many came forward and most of them were coming down for salvation, the first and most important step to find our life purpose!

Also in Naples the Holy Spirit encouraged me in seeing so many young leaders involved in the different activities of the church. Personally I could see how our ministry resourced every activity of Gospel Naples, especially in the leadership that Pastor Marco Palma was giving to the church.

Yes indeed, we are producing leaders and not just numbers.

May this report encourage you, my faithful partner, as together we press on for another year of profit for the kingdom. This is the real proof that we are fulfilling the purpose God has given us for serving Him with our life!

We love you and appreciate you so much! Guy and the IFC Team