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Hello everyone: we hope this finds you well even if we are in the deep freeze here with the Atlantic storm dumping snow on us in Michigan. Thank you for all you do for God and the ministry overseas.

Matthew 20:1-16: please read it.
Laborer = a person doing unskilled work for wages.

Greetings from Michigan! Today we can call it the frozen tundra, not Sicily for sure. We thank the Lord that we are doing fine even in these strange times in which we find ourselves today. We are praying for you and the ones that share requests to us so that God who is sufficient for all our needs will bless us all.

I was studying Matthew 20 :1-16 and I shared with some people in one of the Bible studies that I lead to focus on a specific word: Go.

That is the same word that I heard long time ago. It happened the same night that I accepted my Savior. When I said: now what? He answered it with the word Go and tell others. Easier said than done. My excuses were many. His response was and still is: the field is ripe for harvest and the laborers are few. Pray the Lord of the harvest today to send more laborers. Go is a decision maker in our lives; once you go, we put in motion our faith in Him.

Recently, I was asked to pray for one of our supporters in Spain, desiring to serve the Lord by being an imitator of Him. This a wonderful news to hear. They are sharing their faith in a country that it said to be Christian like Italy. Sometimes we think that we are not equipped in sharing the gospel. So far from the truth! Take an orange for example and give it to someone that needs it. Yes, oranges.

We at Act Now Ministries were gifted with an orange grove in Sicily — not a big one but with many oranges to be given away. So Giuseppe and Isidoro met with the owner desiring to give to us so that we can give to others. Mr. Tirendi is not a believer yet but he is responding to the Word of God given to him by our coworkers. Also another landowner wants to give his harvest of oranges nearby to us because he knows what we do in Sicily. You might remember in Acts where it speaks of the fact that the disciples found favor with the people when announcing His Word; Acts 2:47. Let us remember that His Word never comes back void.

News from Sicily: This week, some restrictions will be lifted, from red to orange then hopefully to yellow. In red, there is no travel whatsoever allowed in the same town unless with a permit. Orange travel is allowed up to six miles. In a region that suffers from perennial unemployment, this has been devastating. The unemployment rate is 40% steady without the pandemic. Still, we do the Work of the Lord that you support faithfully. Mount Etna for the last two months has been very active, giving spectacle of her strength. If you would like to see more, search for Etna Walk on the web.

Your prayers have been effective; we have remained active in serving there. Continue to pray for Giuseppe and Isidoro for wisdom, strength and perseverance during these difficult times. Also pray for Giuseppe that he can soon rejoin them in the ministry there.
Again thank you for your part in the ministry. God bless you richly.
As always: Let’s go fishing (really) for One more for the One.
Serving together,

Giuseppe and Pennie Collesano
Ciao for now.