February 2022 Newsletter

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Greetings to all of you prayer warriors and supporters of Act Now Ministries!

Michigan is in a very cold snap with lots of snow that has fallen in recent days. We hope this newsletter finds you well and praying for a better 2022. It was a difficult year for all of us, and ultimately even the Collesano family was hit with COVID-19. Before thanksgiving, Giuseppe was diagnosed with the virus; albeit it was very light health wise for the rest of the family with the exception of Pennie who got it bad.

Thanksgiving was without a family gathering, and Christmas festivities were postponed till end of year and beginning of January. Some of the family were missing because of COVID. Giuseppe recovered well, and the rest also. Sorry that you did not receive a family picture this year; no getting together.

But in the midst of chaos, we also rejoice because God is still in control and at work. The church in Nigeria just finished putting up walls on the building after they had poured the cement floor. They are very thankful for the help received from all of you who participated in giving.

The Bible studies continue with Pino and Girolamo; both of them are blind. Praise to God for their growing faith. Another bible study is going on at the office of a great brother; he is a chiropractor.

At 6:30 every Saturday, we meet for prayer, breakfast, and His Word. Our volunteer base is growing in Sicily with the Milton family assisting with the needs of the less fortunate. This gives us an opportunity to share His love; His Word to souls that need to hear the message of Salvation.

The situation in Italy is very hard and very different than in the USA. As you can see from a couple of photos, the police and the Italian IRS will stop people to check on their vaccination status. If you are not vaxxed, you get a ticket of 150 Euro = US$170. In addition, if you do not have the right pass, you will get another fine that is much higher. In the midst of this, we can still praise the Lord.

We ask you to pray for the ministry there and our coworkers. We do ask also to pray for the calling of new laborers for the field of Sicily, Italy. We especially ask you to pray for:

  • Nia K, preparing to go to Sicily in the near future, in Siracusa.
  • M V, seeking the will of God for future serving in Sicily on the west coast.
  • For the White family, to finish their seminary studies and serve in Sicily too.
  • For Kayla W, seeking God’s will and possibly visiting Sicily soon.
  • J C for healing in his life and future ministry in the interiors of Sicily.

Lots to pray for. We are reminded in the Bible in Joshua 1:9 to be courageous; especially when we might think that it seems an impossibility; for God All is Possible. He asks us to fix our eyes on Him and He will give us directions.
Pray with us, intercede with us, and give praise with us because He is Worthy to receive our prayers and supplication and our rejoicing.

As always let’s remember: Let’s go fishing (really) for one more for the One. We are thankful to partner with you in reaching our world so that we can be an agent of change in changing hearts.

God bless you. Ciao for now.
Giuseppe and Pennie Collesano
President of Act Now Ministries