Dear brothers and sisters,

IFC has started this year in a big way. The Lord has opened so many opportunities for the ministry to reach out to the lost in Italy!

This is going to be a very exciting year for our Lord and I have four reports to share with you and even four more waiting to be finished and pictures put to them.

If you are able to get on the internet, Gaetano is sharing the word for the week on our Facebook page called Italy for Christ. We hope that you will find some time to visit our website and our Facebook page @Italy For Christ and share it with others, as this ministry has been given to us all by the grace of our Lord and without brothers and sisters like you we would not be able to do all this glorious work.

We have already had teams over to Italy for help, and I find it a great privilege to say that we have some wonderful churches that are preparing to bring teams to Italy this year and next! With that being said, please let me now share a special note from Gaetano. And I do hope that you are blessed by these reports.

“Thank you all for partnering with Italy for Christ and reaching the lost in Italy. Happy New Year.

With the start of a new year, one of the purposes that people have is change.

We all hope that there will be changes in our families, in our work, in the authorities that lead us, in our environment and in our lives.

The truth is that every person of any caste, race or religion is constantly changing.

The New Year brings for sure changes in our lives.

The heart of the matter is to discover if we change consciously or unconsciously.

The challenges of life change us and most of the people are changed in their behavior without knowing why. But they change!

Only a few people are aware that they change, and intentionally focus on their change to make sure it is a positive and not a negative one!

In other words, if we let life lead our actions, we are almost certain to experience a negative change in us, but if we are to lead and take the rudder of our lives, then we can only work for a positive change in us.

What are the areas of your life that you want to change in this New Year to make a positive and intentional change in your behavior and in your character?

The apostle Paul wrote about this saying to intentionally forget things past and focus on the things that were before him in order to produce a positive change in his person and in his life (Philippians 3 : 13-14).

May this be a year of intentional and positive change for all of us!

Your Italian Missionary,”
Guy Sottile

We are truly blessed to have partners for the ministry in all areas.


Betsy Plunkett