Dear Loved Ones,

Finally I can write you a report.

I take this opportunity to thank you all for praying for us and especially during very trying times too.

I did battle pneumonia in the States and was in remission when we left. We arrived March first to Belpasso to no heat in the house and a lot of red tape to deal with, from one office to another. After a week we finally had heat.

Had the opportunity to visit my parents, but they have failing health too. Dad is in a nursing home as I write and mom will follow soon. What I did not realize was that I was relapsing back to pneumonia and more. My doctor here was not happy with what he was hearing so he sent me for an X-ray to make sure that all is clear. I am finishing a series of shots that will clear up anything still in my body.

Pennie did a great job in getting the house in ship shape condition after it had been closed up. God blessed us much during this month with the arrival of Amy Fields for a series of concerts in the area where I was able to translate and be at all the locations during her stay with us (report, photos and videos will follow soon).

Last week I was finally able to start the men’s study group in Catania, the first that I am involved with, thanks for praying.

Pennie took a bunch of ladies to go hear Hillsong London last Saturday; they had a great time, singing along with Italians and Americans.

Please pray for me and Pastor Giuseppe Murabito as we team up in the outreach in Catania. Soon the weather will get warmer and sunny and the ministry will increase, pray. And Mount Edna continues to erupt now quite frequently. Please pray that the Lord will calm it down.

We ask that you pray for my health and that I will take the needed time to rest when needed. Again thank you for supporting His work through us.

God bless you.
Let’s go fishing (really) for Souls.
Serving together,
Giuseppe and Pennie Collesano,
Partnering with Italy for Christ