Dear loved ones,

I am so blessed to be able to be the one who sends you these glorious reports of the work the Lord continues to do through the ministry Italy for Christ and Gaetano and its partners.

Please give Him thanks for all that we, as partners, continue to do for His Kingdom.

It gives me such pleasure when I read today’s Bible verse. Psalm 37:4 Enjoy the LORD, and he will give what your heart asks.

And it is our prayer that we can continue to reach out to all who have not yet heard the Good News and that we will be able to reach all we come in contact with, with the Gospel of Christ in this generation.

We are preparing for our Annual Board Planning meeting this November and what a blessing it will be if I am able to share with the Board that we are able to carry on this Great Commission because we have your continued support and that you are helping to share the news of Italy for Christ with other like-minded believers who do not want any to perish without the saving knowledge of our blessed Jesus Christ.

May you and your families be blessed and we pray you are healthy and have a great weekend in the Lord.

Please remember to pray for our nations that the Lord’s will be done.

Partnering with you for the cause of Christ,
Betsy Plunkett, Administrator
Italy for Christ
1301 Shiloh Road NW, Suite 1720
Kennesaw, GA 30144-7170
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