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As the Lord continues to open doors for IFC to share the gospel of Christ in this generation, we consider it such a blessing to be able to stretch His hands and feet to areas open to the gospel, craving the right direction, especially in areas that have been critical to bringing back His word to areas divided by war. Please enjoy these comments of those hearts and lives touched because of your prayers and support.

I have attended the Equip conferences for 6 years. During this time my team has expanded from 5 to 15 members, we got new equipment and set up a camp for children, started a church and two mission stations, and I also had to dismiss one married couple from the ministry. All this would have been impossible without the training I received through the Equip. This has been a worthwhile investment for me. Darko Adamek, Director of CEF

During the past 6 years the Equip has helped me to significantly develop my skills and abilities. I have gained confidence in my personal, spiritual and business life. I have been encouraged to make decisions faster and more readily, and I have accepted and further developed my gifts and talents. I’ve also connected with people in a new and deeper way and gained new friends. Sanja Perkovic Goga, Psychotherapist

The Equip has played a major role in shaping and developing my character and it has helped me to understand more clearly that God has called me to be a leader. Some lessons were a big challenge for me to try and improve in certain areas. I am grateful to God for the privilege to be part of this six-year-long training program. Ivana Novak, Music Teacher and church choir leader

I am absolutely excited about the Equip. The conferences open my eyes to recognize my own short comings and each time I find ways to overcome them. I am sorry that this was the last conference. I wish it could continue. Slavisa Milanovic, Church Pastor

These 6 years have been a great blessing for me because the training helped me understand some basic principles of leadership. As a result, my ministry and vision have been improved, and I got a new perspective on leadership. It has also been a blessing for people I have trained. The speakers have been excellent and their messages were clear and full of examples from their life and ministry. Kalko Aleksandar, Church Pastor

After 6 years of the Equip, I cannot compare my new style of leadership to what it used to be in the past. I have changed completely, including my approach to people, ministry, myself and my family. I realize now that I can effectively lead a larger group of people, and I have witnessed that people I have trained have become very successful in their ministries. The Equip program has made a huge impact on my life and work. Miroslav Radovanovic, Bishop of the Church of God

I have been truly blessed and encouraged through the lessons which provided me with good guidelines for my church but also for my personal and family life. Most pastors in our country don’t have a mentor or a spiritual father so training like this one is rarely available in Serbia. Our speakers were excellent. They relied on their personal experience which enriched our lives. Serif Bakic, Church Pastor

Guy and the IFC Team