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As always we are at work in sharing His Word wherever we find ourselves daily.

The Bible studies are going well. The study on the Gospel of Mark is coming to an end with the single sailors. The adult study on “One Way Love” by the grandson of Billy Graham is also ending and a new one will begin soon. The ladies study “Not a Fan” continues with our group of 10 ladies that meet every Thursday night.

Giuseppe was asked to perform a wedding on the beach of Taormina two weeks ago. It was beautiful, and we were so blessed to have met this young newlywed couple and to share in the beginning of their new life together. They told us the night before all of their family and friends arrived that they had gone into each room and prayed over the room that God would use their testimonies to influence those who were coming to celebrate with them. What a wonderful way to demonstrate their love to those who are most important to them.

For the first time in Belpasso, at Shalom Christian Center, we held a men’s seminar on the role of the man in the family. A good friend of ours was the seminar speaker. We hope that what was shared will continue to bear fruit in the hearts of the ones that attended.

Again we ask you to pray specifically for the upcoming events that will take place in many places in Sicily with the coming of our friend Marc Eckel with

We are making many contacts with the area churches where we can go and hold open-air meetings for the people to hear His Word in a relevant way.  If you would like to see the work that Marc does, using his God given artistic talent to share His love, go on YouTube and search “”

Already most of the weekends in June are booked. We ask that you pray that God will cover this island of Sicily with His Word during this 3-week outreach and that many souls will be added to His kingdom.  You can pray and/or you can give toward making possible for Marc to be here and you will see how God can transform the heart of man.

Easter should not be another day but a special day where many Italians –Sicilians can discover The Love of God shared by His servants all over this country that proclaims to be Christian. Like any other year the traditional Easter season will repeat again in almost every town, with parades about the sacrifice of our Lord. If you were to see these parades you would be shocked at the depiction of Jesus being carried in a see-through casket. Also here they celebrate Little Easter the following day, which is almost more important than Easter itself, with a lot of eating and lot of picnics out in the fields. All too soon forgotten the next day.

We thank you for your support and love for us in reaching the people on this island and beyond.

Let’s go fishing (really) for souls, Giuseppe and Pennie Collesano, partnering with Italy for Christ