July/August 2013

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The summer started for us with a visit to my hometown to see my parents. My dad was not feeling well; by noontime we where advised that he was getting worse. We thank the Lord for allowing us to be there at the right moment. Giuseppe was able to talk to his dad and comfort him and pray with him. We were called at 7pm telling us that he was having respiratory difficulties; dad passed away July 5 and Giuseppe was thankful that we were able to be by his bedside as God welcomed him to heaven.

At his funeral (which was held at the Catholic Church behind my parents home), the priest testified to the type of man I always knew that my papa had been. One who loved his family above anything else, who worked endless hours each day to carve out a living on our farm; one that loved his wife and loved and praised and was very proud of his sons; a man of integrity, honesty, of sound and good character. Giuseppe was able to share the Word at the funeral and at the cemetery when he was asked to give the last prayer before his dad was buried. We pray that our unsaved friends and family who were at the funeral will have their hearts changed; our life was changed with this happening. Please continue to pray for the care of his mamma who is in a nursing home in Castelbuono.

The ministry continues here and in the Catania province with the markets and the involvement with the local churches. Giuseppe was scheduled to preach again in the town of Ramacca the end of July and also participated in the youth summer camp in Belpasso in August.

We often have new churches come and desire to see what we are doing and get materials and ideas from us for outreaches. A couple weeks ago a Pastor from Messina came to get a lot of literature so that they will be ready to share with those in their communities when the time arises. Another group of Elders came from Enna and shared their desire to have materials on hand also and invited us to visit with them in the future. That is some of what is happening in other provinces a ways from where we live and work.

In Piano Tavola, a market not too far from Belpasso Giuseppe met with another Giuseppe and shared with him and with the people and met Enzo. After almost a half hour in sharing the Gospel he told Giuseppe that he knew him and he did not recognize him. He told Giuseppe that we met in Castel di Judica a year ago at a market that he went because Salvatore invited him to come and share there. He was glad to hear from him that when we met he received a good impression of me. This time we had a more in-depth conversation and at the end he asked for a NT and some literature promising that now he will read it, God is at work.

In Ramacca, Salvatore came to ask if Giuseppe had a large print NT, which we do have copies of. His sight is getting worse so he asked if he could have one, gladly he gave one to him. He has been reading and told Giuseppe that when he reads it soothes his spirit, God IS at work!

The last Saturday of the month we helped a local church with some physical work; i.e. we helped with a lot of outdoor cleaning in the parking lot and ditches at New Hope Church. The Lord provides opportunities for service in many different ways and we are honored to be a part of the Kingdom building.

Please continue to pray for all the activities, for preaching for the singles group that we will lead, the Thursday night bible study and other opportunities that will come our way.

Thank you for coming with us to Sicily and for your prayers and support. We go fishing (really) with His Word, for souls.

God bless you.
Giuseppe and Pennie Collesano
Partnering with Italy for Christ