Isaac Testimonial

In 2008 my trial began, and in 2009 the police arrested a friend of mine,I was already a believer. When I appear in front of the judge, I will bring my Bible with me. That day I was reading my Bible and waiting for an audience with the judge. While I waited my friend that also was waiting for his audience had a gospel with him.

I felt a strong presence of the Lord, so I approached him and wished him the Lord’s peace, to which he answered likewise. What a joyous surprise to find another inmate saved by His grace. So he told me why he was there; to which I said: whoo, we knelt, started crying for joy and we began to pray. Then he said to me; you were to be my killer, but now you’re my brother. So we embraced in a firm embrace giving glory to the Lord, and hallelujah shouts came out of our mouths. We have a great God. So we exchanged our addresses and started emailing each other as brothers in Christ, genuinely Christian brothers.

So we are paying for one another, and God will do his will in our lives. I trust in God.
Sadly Isaac passed away before this past Christmas, no more trials.