By Betsy Plunkett, Italy for Christ – June 2012
Dear Precious Partners,

I know it has been a bit since I sent you reports. I have been gathering information from all over Italy and it takes time to get great pictures and information together. But I believe your hearts will be blessed as you read the attached reports.

I am trying out a new system which is supposed to make this easier and faster to get the reports to you so you must make sure that my email address has been cleared from your spam alert file. I will in order to get it faster to you. I hope! It will say Italy account on it I believe.

We have been extremely busy and are so excited to be so. God is so good to give us amazing work to be done. You are an important part of our team and we thank you with all our hearts for your faithfulness over all these years.

Gaetano is getting ready for Malta. Leaving tomorrow morning and arriving at noon. Teach 2 lessons in the afternoon and evening and then 1 on Saturday morning. He will be honored to be at Pastor Edwin’s church on Sunday morning.

Gaetano said he is running 100 miles an hour. And we are so excited to now have a great group from Grace coming and their numbers are up to 43 people!!!! Praise the Lord!!! The Youth of Italy will be so touched to see such care and sacrifice coming from such a wonderful group!

Things are looking good and we need lots of prayers!!! It would be so wonderful if we were able to have the entire team working with Gaetano but because of the limited income we must hold back when we can.

On Friday the 25 Gaetano will have an evangelistic meeting in Naples. Then on Sunday 27 the baptisms in Caserta. Then on Monday a bunch of leaders coming to spend the day with him at the office. Schedule looks pretty busy 🙂 In June Gaetano is overjoyed to have the Pastor from one of our supporting churches in New York in Italy. And the blessings continue to shower on the people of Italy.

Giuseppe and Pennie are working non-stop in Sicily and we do hope you will see that in their attached report! I do not think that any of the team over in Italy does much sleeping!

Please continue to pray for all our team, Gaetano, Sondra, Daniela, Ugo, Debora, Giuseppe, Pennie and myself. We love you all and we count it a privilege to pray continually for all of you.

God bless you and keep you,

Betsy Plunkett, Administrator
Italy for Christ