Greetings precious supporters, brothers and sisters of Italy for Christ! What a blessing it is to be in the family of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

We have all had a very hot summer so far, but He is faithful to see us through even the hottest of days!

Below is a short recap of the blessing the ministry has seen over the past month. Please thank our Heavenly Father for allowing us to accomplish so much for his glory, together!


* Gaetano shared the blessings and faithfulness of the Lord in the ministry:
1.  Ministry is doing very good and we have been out every weekend.
2.  Malta was really brilliant so much so that some leaders from Northern Africa. The Church there celebrated its 50th anniversary. They made an official request for Gaetano to go over and train them the EQUIP training. Lord willing this will happen in the near future. That will give us, Italy, Malta, Serbia, Hungary and now Northern Africa to train key leaders. Very exciting.
3.  Young leaders from Naples churches had great meeting in preparation for June 15-18 huge crusade event for the youth and including the young children in main Piazza set up as a festival.
4.  Caserta baptismal at the church was wonderful and they are planning to start a couple more churches and asked us for assistance as they go about these projects.
5.  Just finished another crusade in Naples. The mayor came to see Gaetano at the crusade. He wants to offer leadership conferences to the leaders in Naples. Pray for this.
6.  Just had a couple of weekends that he spent mentoring some new leaders coming up in Italy. Please read the report Betsy finished on it.
7.  Having a main crusade at the end of the month in Sicily in Catania with a group coming from Grace Church in Minnesota. We will have others in Syracuse and Avola as well taking the main Piazzas in all three cities.
8.  We received another 200,000 copies of the books “My Story” so we are ready for another school year.
9.  The landlord just put an air conditioning unit in the office.  He changed it over from a gas unit to an electrical unit. This will save us money as well.
10.  Chris Brady’s new book on Italy is coming out this month. Pray for it to expose the work and Italy more and influence people more.
11.  Working day to day.
12.  Giuseppe is taking a VERY full van of supplies up to the earthquake victims in Northern Italy. Please pray for safety and that the van continues on with no problems. We give God the glory for all of this.
A.Unfortunately last Monday when Gaetano was in a meeting downtown he came out and found someone had stolen his motor scooter. This is a hard blow on him as it was his mode of transportation.  Please pray for this situation.

B. The situation here in Italy is very traumatic as you can imagine with the earthquakes. The damage is great. They lost much of their industry when the buildings collapsed so many people are without work. They do have the tents up and many are living in them again. Our churches are very much involved and we are bringing out food and clothing, literature and DVD’s for moral support, and Giuseppe is driving up there this weekend bringing fresh fruits and veges from the island.

C. Economically and politically we are on the edge. We don’t know what will happen. Greece plays a paramount roll in it all. The Bible says we know Europe will play a big roll in the end so we are in the right place at the right time with incredible opportunities for the Kingdom.

D. Ugo’s church is going very well. Getting ready to have a big conference at the church for women. He will be going down to Sicily to pave the way for the huge crusade in July where Grace Church will be sending a team to help. 43 people coming from Grace. Please pray for this great team of Christians who are on their way to Sicily!

It is a very busy summer as you can see. Please we thank you so much for your continued prayers and support. It is what keeps us moving for the Lord.

I will attach for you a few specific reports but also know that you can go online at or log on to Facebook and find Italy for Christ and you will be able to see all the reports and pictures.

God be with you all as we continue to pray for all those who have fallen ill and are suffering through difficult times as we go along the path to eternity. May be Lord show you his blessing and comfort and peace.

In Christ’s name!

Betsy Plunkett, Administrator
Italy For Christ