12 Baptisms in Castelbuono and Much More

December – January 2015 Update

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December flew away real fast , it seems that even the Christmas season lasted just a few days. We are thankful to the Lord for allowing us to spend this time with our loved ones and taking care of doctor’s visits, all is well, routine checkups.

Christmas was without snow this year , unlike last year when we had a foot or more of snow. Pennies’ dad opened his house to us again and we can be of good companionship during our time here. Christmas is my favorite time of the year , to celebrate with family here, wrapping and unwrapping presents. We are reminded of The Gift we received when we asked for Him to come into our hearts.

A day before leaving California we had the privilege to see our daughter advance to MA1 and be at the ceremony. The Captain of the base was surprise to see us there for the pinning, we put the anchors on the lapels of Cristina signifying her promotion with her dog Sarah. What a wonderful way to close the year with our daughter. We are blessed beyond what we deserve, our kids are a blessing to us and to the ones that they serve.

We did a few birthdays too, Ashland is two now and running all over the place. He and Emery keep everybody busy; they have some energy! We take some time being grandparents while we are here and love it! We also had a wonderful time meeting up with some of you , our supporters , and sharing with you personally has been a blessing. We love you too!

Also, just before we get ready to pack up and head back to Sicily we wanted to take Pennies’ dad to Florida for some warmth while Michigan gets another foot of snow.

Next month another gift will be given to all of us, around 10-15 people will be baptized in Geraci Siculo. This is a town close by Castelbuono , where we were able to give bibles , food , clothes, and we held the first meeting ever there.

Happy New Year and what a blessed way to start it!

Great news from Castelbuono, as promised, 12 new brothers were baptized as a testimony of their faith in Our Savior. 12 Nigerians being baptized by Pastor Kurt Locker from my home town church.

Please pray for these new ones away from families and their homes. Thank you for being a part with us of this blessing. Because you prayed.

Even at 6,000 miles away your impact is very visible because of your support, prayers, and visits to us. Let me share a beautiful note we received from one of our dear supporters.

Dear Giuseppe and Pennie, “Great news! Wonderful news! Fantastic news! It’s amazing to know you two. You have dedicated your lives to helping others find Christ by making yourself available to our Lord, Jesus Christ at all times! I can remember many times just walking down the street with you Giuseppe, and witness you stopping and speaking to someone about Jesus. You immediately and boldly, go to the Word and speak it into others hearts, quickly and effectively. I strive to be that LIGHT that shines Jesus Christ wherever I go and to whomever I interact with, but I don’t have a fraction of the drive you do in helping others. You both have been so obedient and have touched so many; worldwide. It’s an honor to know you both! God please continue to bless these two wonderful servants and provide them an abundance of support so they may comfortably move through their lives where ever they may be. Love you both!” Brad

It is a blessing to know, as I said earlier, that even being 6,000 away from Italy, our God is at work. In Isaiah 55:11, the picture that you will see testify about is that His Work will never come back void, it is eternal truth.

Good news or bad news?

About the good news, as you recall this past October I was in Geraci Siculo sharing and giving food clothes , and best of all Bibles to the refugees there. Thanks to a band of brothers we have received almost 3,000 bibles in three languages, since June 2014 more than 200 baptisms have taken place in Sicily. The bibles are given through .

Last year we had with Marc Eckel and God allowed us to share His Gospel with thousands on the Island. A couple of weeks ago Giuseppe was able to minister with Marc on two occasions while here in the States! The people responding to His Word were very positive. Thank you for praying. In Garden City MI with Marc Eckel Yea, not too far from our place we went to a school where Marc shared with 300 plus kids and adults.

Please pray for Anina, she is a waitress near Troy . Giuseppe went to church with a friend and then to supper. His friend wanted to impress Giuseppe with a visit to an Italian restaurant. We did have a great time. Anina shared that she was part Italian and she said that she was an atheist , to which Giuseppe started a conversation that lasted till the restaurant closed with Anina being very attentive to the Gospel message.

You never know when you can be used, unless you are always AVAILABLE to Him.

Continue to pray for us and for the many opportunities for serving. We have four meetings before Giuseppe flies back at the end of the month.

So what are you going to do in 2015? Together we are going fishing (really) for souls. Year after year that is our resolution. We are here to serve, you can contact us by email any time at .

Be a blessing to someone.

It is an honor to serve, a privilege to be used by Him.

God bless you,

Giuseppe and Pennie

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