News and Updates from Giuseppe and Pennie Collesano

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I sure do miss the nice weather in Sicily but it was needed for me to be here.

Just a little recap; we were living in Pennie’s parents’ home before when visiting the States, since both have gone to be with the Lord the estate is being divided between their kids. The house sold before even being listed so we have moved into an apartment but is still in Troy. All is well and between bible studies and meeting new supporters and a new church where I am slated to preach at the end of February time has gone fast. But enough of us, this time I would like to share about someone else.

Here is where Matthew 28:18-20 comes alive. Also all the teachings of Gaetano about leadership and raising leaders come full circle. Gaetano Sottile is the founder and president of Italy for Christ; 51 pairs of shoes, 10 winter coats, 6 blankets, 100 pairs of winter socks, 2 boxes of bibles, and a Muslim couple attending church services in Caltanissetta.

All this stuff was bought by one family to reach many. The Lord has allowed us to be an example and mentor others to put their faith into action. After visiting a refugee camp Isidoro was compelled to do more, he told me on a long distance phone call, “I cannot go home and sleep well knowing the suffering of these refugees; I will continue what you have started (Giuseppe) until you return in the spring”! What a blessings, to see how the Lord is bringing more laborers into the vineyard.

On the second trip Isidoro provided: 6 winter coats, 7 winter sweaters ,1 blanket,14 pairs of shoes, toys for the kids in the camp, cookies, tomato sauce , 20 pounds of pasta, 20 pounds of rice, crackers, cooking oil, canned goods, 40 pounds of flour, salt, sugar and more. All of this from one. God Is At Work.

We are thankful to the Lord for allowing us to be in Isidoro and his family’s lives.

We desire to thank you for allowing us to serve and make disciples that will become leaders. That is what we call a legacy.

Some might recall us mentioning a young sailor, now a Marine, Sean H. He is growing in the Lord mightily; all the glory goes to God for how he continues astonishing us with His many blessings. Since returning to the States without fear he has shared his faith with great results so far. Sean is not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ; 2 Timothy 2:15. Three Marines have made a profession of faith, also because of a car breakdown not only helped a lady restart her car, and helped her restart her life in a parking lot. There is joy in heaven when we obey His commands and the results are “out” of this world. Please do pray for Isidoro and Sean.

Together we can reach one more. We are available to you, your church, and your bible study group in sharing His vision in our hearts that no one should perish. Thank you for your prayers, support, and most of all love.

Also pray about the coming to Sicily this summer of for a month of outreach. If the Lord leads you, you can support an event in Sicily and you will get the painting done there autographed and dated. Also we hope to bring groups to Sicily to evangelize, work with the refugee need, and more.

Please visit our new web page at New phone while in the States is 248-251-3585.


Now let’s go fishing (really) for souls. God bless you. Giuseppe and Pennie Collesano, Partners of Italy for Christ