Greetings to all of you on a very cold Michigan morning! We could say the same if we were in Sicily this morning, as It has been very unseasonably cold there, too. In some places, they received snow for the first time in 50 years! The new year brought earthquakes and avalanches, with many people displaced from their homes. Incidentally, His Word tells us that these things will be a normal part of our lives. The question remains: are we prepared for it? Only you can answer that.

It seems that the month rushed by very quickly and already in 10 days, will be returning to Sicily. Family time was a blessing, with more birthdays to celebrate and spending precious time with the grandchildren. Also, it was a busy time for visiting churches and bible study groups to share what lies ahead.

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More bibles have arrived in Sicily; we started with an ambitious goal of purchasing 4,000 of them. We thought it would take a couple of months but it only took two weeks. Our God is amazing! Also, we started working on our own non-profit and as January 12, we were approved. ActNowMinistries,Inc. is a reality. In the coming weeks, we will be notifying all of you of the changes so that God can use each one of us to reach one for Him.

We are also blessed for the opportunity to partner with a local church in the area for the work in Sicily. The lead pastor and another leader of this church will be visiting Sicily to check and evaluate this partnership possibility. We will let you know when this will happen in the next month.

Our desire is also to encourage the local church to be proactive in their outreach. We are planning a trip to the island of Sardinia, home to 1,500,000 people, with an average church size of 20. Please pray for this project for the month of April. A team from Michigan will be coming to assist us with this tremendous opportunity and spending some time on the island. More details will be coming soon.

The small Italian church group in Castelvetrano is growing and more work is still required to increase the numbers of attendees. We do have lots of new contacts in this city. As I return, I hope to start a weekly bible study and an ongoing outreach event every month. Would you pray? We can do it together.

Lots of new things are happening in our lives and we welcome those changes for the opportunity of serving our Lord. I would also like to remind you to pray for our newly elected President and his new administration. America will change toward God when we direct our prayers to God. Also, pray for the people who are on our board of directors so that together we will follow Him and serve our neighbor in serving Him.

We are thankful to have you as our partners and look forward to the many blessings awaiting us all. God bless you.

Serving together, Giuseppe and Pennie Collesano

Let’s go fishing (really) for souls.