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Greetings from cold — very cold! — Michigan. People often ask me why I come back during the winter months to Michigan. It is also winter overseas and mostly the rainy season. This year was peculiar, as there were a few earthquakes near where we are located. There was damage reported nearby but none in Belpasso.

Then the snow and cold set in. Coming back to Michigan had a dual purpose: to be with family for the holidays and to celebrate many birthdays.

There is business to take care of with Act Now Ministries. We thank the Lord for the four new directors that we have on our board from Louisiana, Michigan and Alabama. As the need increases, there is a need to have capable hands on board to help in the continuous growth of the ministry. Thank you for praying.

February 5 through 7, Giuseppe will in New Jersey for a conference on discipleship, helping the local believers (new and old) take their faith a step up. Giuseppe will be returning to Sicily on February 14. Your prayers are always needed.

There’s lots of work to do ahead of us in order to:

  • Evangelize: to reach one more.
  • Encourage: to work shoulder to shoulder.
  • Empower: enable the resources already available.
  • Enlist: bring on a new generation to continue the work that He has given us (you and Act Now Ministries) in Italy.

Looking at some old photos, Giuseppe came across an “ancient” one taken in 1975 in the mountains of Calabria, a place infested with the Calabrese mafia. Giuseppe is the one with the black mustache. The three of us were the first believers from my hometown serving as counselors and kitchen help at a children’s camp.

Three years later, Giuseppe attended Bible college in Rome to receive more education on the Bible and evangelism. The rest is history! The drive to reach one more for The One remains. God has been and will always be faithful.

Do not undermine the capabilities that God has given you. From a little unknown town in Sicily to Act Now Ministries, we have been blessed as a family tremendously, and with you, we can say Praise The Lord.

It is a privilege to represent you alongside of us serving The One. God bless you.
Serving together,

Giuseppe and Pennie Collesano.
Let’s go fishing (really) for One more for The One.
Ciao for now.