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1 Thessalonians 5:18.

Give thanks because it is the will of God.

Greetings to all of you from not-so-cold Michigan. We at Act Now Ministries have many reasons to give thanks and we hope you do too. A great reason is that this May marks the 15 years of ministry that the Collesanos have been serving faithfully on the call from God.

Many years ago, some seasoned missionaries shared that Italy was the graveyard of missions. It would take roughly three years for missionaries to quit altogether their effort to evangelize this needy country. Very discouraging and challenging. We are thankful that you have stood with the Collesanos during these many seasons, and God has been and will be Faithful.

With His strength, these challenges become opportunities to advance the gospel in a country deemed Christian. It is not a religion that we will take to heaven; it’s a relationship with God through Jesus Christ that made it possible. Yes, we are thankful to continue in His strength to impact many more lives with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

For Giuseppe, it has been a great month of resting and spending quality time with the entire family, and visiting as many supporters and churches as possible. As you well know, he does not stop easily to rest.

The time spent here before he heads back mid-February has seen him interacting with many about the ministry and doing translation for an upcoming Italian bible study in the churches and groups in Sicily and Sardegna. Also, the translation progresses on the discipleship training material for the churches in Italy. We are thankful for your prayers for that.

At the same time, evangelizing long distance is also happening, sharing with Mario, Antonio, Vincenzo, Alessandro, Leonardo and their families. These are brand new pre-Christians. We are thankful for you uplifting them in your daily prayers for their salvation. A challenge for you to pray and remind us with messages or emails how we are progressing on that will be appreciated. This is an opportunity for us to continue being your representatives overseas.

The months ahead are filling quickly for doors opening for the gospel to be proclaimed, with more help on the way.

Do pray:

  • For a team forming to do ministry in Sardegna.
  • For 300 bibles purchased and to be delivered in the Tuscany region.
  • For a trip to Tuscany to share in as many indigenous African churches and report to you on their progress.
  • For Carlos, as he is coming for ministry in April on loan to us from Nestle; yes, the company will let him serve with Giuseppe. No chocolate.
  • Pray for Giuseppe family in the USA and overseas.

Yes, we are thankful because this is the Will of God for us all. God bless for your love for God and us. As always: Let’s go fishing (really) for one more for The One. Ciao for now.

Serving together,

Giuseppe and Pennie Collesano