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Greetings from Michigan, friends and supporters of Act Now Ministries!

Summer is very hot on the west coast of Sicily this time of year. Most people close their shops and take a month-long vacation in cooler areas.

Before Giuseppe left Sicily, the team there received a big donation from a business man in Germany to be used toward needs of the refugees. A Nigerian Brother, Okwuora Sunday, worked alongside Giuseppe. Together, they visited 25 camps delivering the donations and, most importantly, the gospel to the new refugees that had just landed in Sicily. By doing this, lots of Sicilians who work in these camps also received a copy of the Bible.

July was a surprising month with the visit of Cristina and her fiancé John W Mullins. They visited parts of Italy and then spent a few days in Sicily where Cristina visited with Grandma Antonietta, Giuseppe’s mom.

It was nice to return to Michigan and to a new place to call home. Two believers helped put a new coat of paint on the house. Giuseppe is putting the finishing touches by painting the trim and doors.

We are blessed with four grandchildren now and it’s always fun when they finally call us Nonno and Nonna as they run to greet us.

Opportunities to serve are always around the corner, like Christmas in July. We helped during kids’ camp at Heritage Church where our son Benjamin is the technical director. We were surrounded by 400 children all full of sugar and energy. The gospel was presented each night. Pennie and Giuseppe worked with two different age groups of 14 each.

Getting home, we found ourselves a bit tired but feeling good because we serve a Mighty God.
There will be some vacation between Bible studies, preaching opportunities and sharing God’s work but always with a focus on Christ. We are here to reach “one” more for Christ.

Let’s go fishing (really) for one more.
God bless you and have a happy summer.
Your servants, Giuseppe and Pennie Collesano.
Ciao for now.