By Betsy Plunkett, Italy for Christ – July, 2011


What an amazing family we have all over the world! Our Father has shown us the love and great support within His family tree. Let me share another experience with you.

After Gaetano shared time with the wonderful church of Cathedral of Faith, he was invited for an Italian- American night at the home of Joann Mauro.

Here are some of the pictures from the get together and a couple from dinner the next night. Several of them went out to pizza after Guy preached at Cathedral of Faith on Saturday night.

The older couple at the table came to hear Guy preach, and then got together with us for dinner. They started a Bible College in Rome many many years ago and are still such an encouragement to Gaetano and Sondra today!

Many there are Italian-Americans who asked to be on our mailing list and wanted to hear more of our work in Italy. We had two wonderful Italian women who drove all the way from Monterey to meet with Gaetano for the first time. 

Everyone was so encouraging to Gaetano and the time they all had together was so uplifting. Their love and comments were so touching to Gaetano and I want to share with you a couple of their comments.

“The one thing that struck me the most is how amazed I am at the Christian movement in Italy, and that’s it’s been going on for such a long time. 

I think what Gaetano is doing is marvelous, he seems like such a great guy and you can tell he’s on fire for God. He sure got many people’s attention. Thank you for inviting us, I’m glad I got to hear all that’s being done in Italy and maybe one day I’ll even be a part of it.”
“We really enjoyed Friday evening at your home and also meeting Gaetano, and connecting with several other Christians from our past.”
“Thanks again, dear friend, for opening up your beautiful home and allowing us to take part in a wonderful evening.

Please let us know when Guy will be back. We would love to see him. We will keep up with Italy for Christ on our end too.”

“When I was at the May IFC gathering I thought it was odd that I was the only Italian American in the group. It (or rather, God) started me thinking that there were probably a lot of other Italian Americans in the area who would be interested in Italy for Christ and the things God is doing in Italy. 

That night I was inspired to get together as many Italian American believers as I could think of for the next IFC gathering. Along with my Italian friends and family, I invited a couple of pastors of local churches and IFC also invited others. We had a grand amount of people who came. 

The feedback I got was encouraging. I received many emails from my guests telling me how happy they were to be a part of the evening. They were so excited to hear about Italy and to meet Guy. I think it gave many of them a fresh burden for Italy and the Italian people there and here in the States.”

As we have said since the beginning of this wonderful mission the Lord has given us, our goal is: “To reach all Italians with the Gospel of Christ in this generation in and through the local church!”

You all are making this happen both here in the U.S. and in the entire country of Italy! Praise the Lord! And thank you!