Sicily Rotary Club – Ragusa

Leadership Conference – June 2015

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What an unforgettable weekend I had in Sicily.

Adding value to people without the pressure of “converting” them, was confirmed once again to be a winning attitude! The Rotary club of Sicily invited me for a leadership conference. The attendance was expected to be around 70 but over 200 showed up from many cities!

The theme was centered on vision and how to accomplish it! Young and old participants came out of the conference with a renewed commitment to have a significant impact through their life!

The greatest surprise was that even if it wasn’t a Christian conference, many at the end with tears in their eyes told me that God had touched their life! Fathers and sons, mothers and daughters came to the front to shake my hand and tell me that they felt the presence of God during the conference.

A local pastor was present and it was exciting for me to see how I was able to put him in touch with all these people for a meaningful follow up.

The president of the Rotary who invited me, after publicly stating that I was a model for him, during our private time asked me how the gospel had changed my life.  Let me share with you one of several emails/texts I received from those who attended.

“Gaetano hello, good evening, I am Clemente Fava, that man from Comiso who brazenly introduced himself to you along with my eighteen year old son, during the break of the conference today. I have to thank you because today you have given to a past fifty year old like me and especially to my son, an exceptional charge and awareness of the skills that each of us can and must express. Thanks Gaetano! Today you gave me a great gift. I would like to follow you again, I would like to get information on where to listen and learn from your teaching. If you can, if you read these lines, keep me informed, give me the tools to be able to follow you and grow. Today The Good Lord blessed me through meeting you.” Clemente Fava

Once again I thank my Lord for equipping me to train secular leaders with the ultimate purpose to introduce them to the saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ!

Last week I ministered in Serbia in evangelistic events and the Lord blessed. This week the audience was miles away from the Serbian one but our spirit to share the gospel was our point of reference in all the events!

People are hurting and are hungry regardless of their background. As the apostle Paul used to say we become all things to all men in order to save them!

That’s what our partnership is all about!

Thank you my partner for being such an important part of our ministry through your faithful and significant support!

Gaetano Sottile and the IFC team

Fb @Italy for Christ