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Greetings from Sicily! Again His faithfulness and grace was evident this month in every encounter, meeting, and opportunity to share His love to others. With your praying and faithful giving we are able to serve here in Sicily. When I think again about Matthew 28:18-20 we realize how blessed we are to be ambassadors for Him.

This past month over and over again we were faced with many new refugee camps in the most unimaginable places that you could think. From a 5 star resort to a rundown house, to refugees living under bridges and makeshift rooms made with wooden pallets. It is beginning to look like a third world country.

As you well know we are supplying bibles in many languages and especially in English, but also tons of clothes, and toiletries, what is most needed too. By the way we are not going around looking for a camp; we have been led and see how the Lord has opened doors of opportunity for us to serve in the most amazing ways.

In one of these camps we did the usual, gave clothes , literature , and more until… two refugees approached me with a bible under their armpits and with hands clasped , bowing down in front of me asking: Please sir can you come and teach us the bible?. – What would you do? – I felt so little and overwhelmed by the request and gesture. Now there is a service established weekly at this camp, and it is because you prayed! 

We also had here for 12 days Pastor Vallen Prest teaching and preaching in the local churches.

This allows us to empower the local churches to be proactive in their communities. We want to thank Pastor Vallen for coming here and serving well.

On one of the trips around Sicily I took a young boy with me because he desired to give a gift to a refugee child. Ezra is very young as you can see from the photo with little Daniel. We did not know how little Daniel was until we got there. Daniel is now almost five years old, he came here to Sicily on a boat, yet unborn. They made it safely. His dad remained in Africa at the time, trying to make some money to rejoin his wife and his unborn child.

Daniel was born in Sicily five years ago. Last year his dad was supposed to come on another boat, he never made it. ISIS caught up with him and beheaded him. Daniel never met or even saw a picture of his dad. Ezra gave him some crayons and a coloring book bible in the hope that Daniel will know our eternal Father. Please pray for him and for Ezra.

We can make a difference in someone else’s life.

We are also feeding local people here that are struggling to make a living. Some of these needy people I know personally, others we get to know through the local churches. It is all because you give.

One more story: We did a big outreach on at a camp with 530 refugees with women and kids too. One the last in line that came to get clothes, toiletries and a bible shared with us this : I arrived last night from the sea here, started praying that somehow I could receive a bible, then you showed up with it. 

God is faithful because you stand with us in the front lines by praying, giving, and supplying what’s needed here. THANK YOU and GOD BLESS YOU! Serving together for our Lord.

Let’s go fishing (really) for souls

Giuseppe and Pennie Collesano

Partnering with Italy for Christ