Dear friends and supporters:

Greetings from sunny and hot Sicily! We have reached 100 degrees already here. By the time you read this newsletter, I will already be in Michigan. I plan to spend a couple of months with my family and sharing with as many as we can about the work of Act Now Ministries.

This month has been as busy as the previous ones, with new volunteers arriving from Germany and later from Austria. Immanuel arrived here mid-April and has proven to be a great asset to the work here. We pray that more like him will decide to come and serve alongside Giuseppe. At the beginning of the month, Giuseppe’s son Joshua arrived here to spend 10 days ministering with his father and also visiting his grandma.

It has been seven years since Joshua saw her and the slew of cousins that are still living in Castelbuono. During the few days that Joshua was here with his father, they were able to minister in a few of the refugee camps around and share the gospel with many Italians. Thank you for praying for a fruitful trip. God was honored.

Joshua’s purpose was also to shoot a documentary for Act Now Ministries that will be available soon on the mission webpage. Stay tuned!

The outreach in Palermo with Pastor Daniel is starting to bear fruit. He opened a storefront so that he can start Sunday services and Bible studies. With the help of we were able to donate more than 500 Bibles so he can reach the many refugees that are arriving duly in Palermo. To move around quickly, he uses a bicycle because there are no parking spaces available almost anywhere. He has been faithful and God has blessed him.

Matthew 28:18-20 is clear: the sharing of the Word will bring fruit after a lot of work. We are thankful to the Lord that we can help Daniel fulfill God’s call in his life.

As always, we invite you to visit us in Sicily and experience what God is doing here. In addition, we want to thank you for your love and care for us.

God bless you. We hope to see you all in Michigan.

Your servants,

Giuseppe and Pennie Collesano

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