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Summer is finally here and it’s hotter than before all over Italy and the States too. This is a continuation from the last letter and more to come. Greetings to all our supporters and prayer warriors that stand with us in proclaiming the Gospel. Everywhere we go, we present the Gospel in order to reach One more for The One.

Giuseppe had the opportunity to travel up to Switzerland and along the way share His Good News. Staying with the Castronuovos for few days gave us at Act Now Ministries the opportunity to be witness even in Switzerland. A country divided in four cantons or four big regions, the main languages here are German, French and Italian.

Switzerland is beautiful anywhere you go, but there are many who do not know Christ. Giuseppe was invited to speak to the youth group of the multi-ethnic church that the Castronuovos attend. They had a cookout and also a Gospel message, where four non-believers and a neighbor came to the meeting. The new people who came decided to be a part of the youth group and began studying the Bible. God is good.

We were able to supply literature in three different languages so that the church can outreach the Portuguese community and the migrants from Africa. Please continue to pray for the Castronuovos as they travel to Sicily to continue investigating and seeking God’s will in their lives to where they will serve in the near future.

After some cheese fondue, it was time to leave for Sicily by taking a ferry in Genova, a 20-hour trip overnight. That was a long trip with no possibility of getting a cabin, so the only place to relax was in a recliner, which was not comfortable at all. Even in this situation, the Lord gave Giuseppe the opportunity to share the Gospel with Hans from the Netherlands (Holland). As you can see from the bracelet, any believer can share the Good News, which is very simple and efficient.

We spoke for a long time and Hans introduced Giuseppe to his wife and another couple going to Palermo. Any occasion is a good opportunity to share God’s love to anyone.

After returning to Belpasso and doing laundry, another trip was scheduled to Sardinia, the other big island in the Mediterranean Sea. Another great opportunity arose when we got to share with two young people returning home from Sicily to Sardinia. Two cousins, Camilla and Eduardo, went to Sicily for an audition similar to America’s Got Talent. They were listening to Giuseppe talk with some German tourists in English. A good occasion is a good opportunity. God is good. Both kids were very inquisitive about the Gospel. Please say a prayer for them.

Sunday night, Giuseppe preached in the capital city of Sardinia, Cagliari, as a guest speaker at Connect Sardegna. Connect Sardegna allows local churches to have a better impact on the island. Sardinia has a population of 1.5 million people, with fewer than 100 Christian churches, most of them with fewer than 20 members. Would anyone like to take on the challenge to serve there? There are lots of opportunities to serve.

Nicola Legrottaglie was a national soccer player first in the upper division then on the Italian national team and shared the Gospel during his career. He started Connect Sardegna and continues to serve the Lord in Sardegna. We had this opportunity to share our desire and vision to see that the Gospel will go everywhere on the island. Please pray for that.

We thank you for your part in our lives to make all of this possible. There is always room for more laborers on the field. Would you go? Italy is a country that defines itself Christian yet is so far away from the Lord. We have answered the call. Let us know if we can help you in discovering where you can serve.

More to come in the next letter.
God bless you.

Let’s go fishing (really) for One more for The One.
Ciao for now.
Giuseppe and Pennie Collesano, serving with Act Now Ministries