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Greetings praying friends and supporters. It seems that summer has started as the temperatures are rising now. Thank you for your prayers for the ministry in Sicily and beyond. We hope and pray that you are all doing well and healthy. So far, we can account only for a little cold since the pandemic struck. Still, there are many hotspots in Italy. Even Castelbuono has recorded around 20 cases after the decline as a hotspot.

As we write this newsletter, one of our collaborators in Sicily has arrived in Indiana for the funeral of her uncle. Do keep her in prayer, N.M., a service member in the Navy in Sicily as she spends close to two weeks here during this difficult time. Also, Giuseppe requests prayers for his former employer, Ernie T, of 92 years of age battling cancer. Thank you.

Also, pray for the arrival of bibles in Sicily for our partner church in Syracuse that is eagerly waiting so they can continue their outreach to the refugees. During the pandemic, some ministries have shuttered their doors and have not been able to function. This has created a surplus of donations for us and our storage facilities are full.

Giuseppe was able to contact Giulio A in Palermo, whose group is feeding about 600 families. In the past, we have worked together in bringing relief by receiving food for the needy from Giulio. Now it is our turn to help him in receiving donations from us of clothes, toys and more for all the families out of work due to the pandemic. Giulio will make the trip of a couple hours to get the donations from Belpasso to Palermo next week. Also, he will get plenty of literature to evangelize in his area of work in Palermo. Please pray for him and the harvest at hand.

Thanks to you and the Navy base that through their thrift store, we are able to share the good news and bring relief where needed.

Let’s pray that this pandemic soon will be history, albeit not good history. The weekly bible studies are progressing well with the two blind people, with Mark in North Italy and in the USA. We hope to see some of you this time around so that we can rejoice how the Lord is using each and every one of us for His Glory.

God bless you, and as always: Let’s go fishing (really) for One more for The One.

Serving together, Giuseppe and Pennie Collesano
Ciao for now.