June 2022

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Greetings and wishing you all a Happy Summer. For sure, we all are feeling the pinch with prices going up every week from gasoline to groceries and other necessities. In Italy, gasoline is at an all-time high but price is different than the U.S. Here, we pay around $4.80 a gallon; in Italy, it is now 2 euro per liter. A gallon is 3.75 liters = $ 8 a gallon.

We are thankful to you all for your prayers and support of the ministry overseas. Giuseppe and Isidoro continue to serve three groups of refugees in Belpasso, Catania, and Siracusa. After we gave bibles and clothes and food, again they continued supplying the necessities for them. We are thankful to the ones who donated through a GoFundMe page so that we could help more. We ask you to pray especially for Nia, who arrived in Sicily on May 11.

She settled into a fully furnished apartment and will be buying other stuff as time allows her. Prayers that she can adjust to living in a place that it is completely new to her. It takes time to do that, but cannoli , pizza or gelato will do the job for few days.

Finally, the Bibles and literature arrived for the group of refugees in Siracusa. These refugees are not believers yet. They are housed at a church where Pastor Carmelo and Giuseppe Collesano have been collaborating together for the gospel. Lots to pray about it for sure. Also, pray for Dean Younghans from Virginia who will be doing an internship in Sicily after graduating from New Life in Hungary.

Giuseppe and Pennie Collesano were able to attend a very special wedding in North Carolina this month. Giuseppe has been mentoring Sean for the last 10 years, since arriving in Sicily and serving in the Navy as Religious Program Specialist. During these years, Sean was also a part of our ministry in Sicily — even preaching in open air meetings. We are so grateful for God’s impact on his life. Pray for him and his wife Andreanea as they start their new adventure.

What will your adventure be this summer? Share His Word with someone. We thank you again for your love for the lost, so that they can be found by Jesus through you.

As always: Let’s go fishing (really) for one more for the One.
God bless you.
Giuseppe and Pennie Collesano

President of Act Now Ministries
Ciao for now.