June 2024 Newsletter

Wow!!! Praise the Lord. What a May to remember. The plan was to have a week of teaching and preaching maximum on the mainland, especially in the north. No way. Thank you for keeping your prayers going, and they went long distance. Yes thank you.

Giuseppe left on the first of May for north Italy, taking a night ferry from Palermo to Genova, a 20-hour ride through the night and most of the 2nd of May. Valle D’Aosta or the Aosta Valley is breathtaking once you enter it. On Saturday, Giuseppe thought on evangelism using three events in the Bible about how you and I can share His Gospel. It was well attended and there were questions — that was the purpose — to have a reaction to the teaching. Who I am in Christ? What I am supposed to do with the gospel? Seems easy, doesn’t?

It is not. Especially when I have to do it. No, you desire to do it. Most of the time we tell believers you have to do this and that, without having a desire to do it. On Sunday, G preached continuing from the Bible regarding our identity in Christ. God is at work in the church in Pont Saint Martin.

Most Christians don’t know how to share His Word to Muslims. G had a chance to eat a kebab, made by a Pakistani Muslim. It was very good and  it opened the way to give them three NT in Italian. From the photo, you see them smiling. God was honored. It was good to share a meal with a Nepali family as well. Their son received a soccer ball donated by one of our supporters, Culver’s restaurant in Rochester Hills.

The next day was a few-hours’ drive to Veneto, near Venice. No gondola ride for G. First time visiting the local church in Pieve di Soligo. From visiting to teaching on Thursday night, it was great. The pastor asked G to preach on Sunday; change of plans. Sunday was well attended and they expect G to come back again. God’s love was evident.

Please do pray for this church in Pieve; someone is pushing to have them evicted after a year of moving to the new location. Before, it was a drinking hole, a bar. Before, there was too much noise; now the noise is the Word of God. Please pray for them. Took a quick trip to visit co-workers in Tuscany and then in Emilia to supply them with needed literature. Again, change of plans for G. From Tuscany to Napoli, he spent some time with a brother from Open Doors ministry (the persecuted church).

In Napoli, G reconnected with Emanuele and Massimo from a previous meeting last year. The pastor was glad to see G and another Giuseppe. G picked a guitar and became the musician for the evening, plus preached a short message. God is good. Your prayers are good. So far, 15 days have come and gone. There would much more to say but still need to get to Sicily.

Carolina held up good; it is G car after a couple thousand km who will need a fix in Sicily. We have sent material to Ireland twice so far to evangelize Muslims. Brother Issa was blessed to receive two boxes, thanks to your donations. He will be in Sicily sharing with a church in Palermo on the weekend of the 15th of June; G is planning to attend there. Last week, we shared in a social endeavor in a not so nice place in Catania. We are welcomed there. G and Giuseppe La China gave toiletries given by G’s doctor in Troy, Michigan, plus soccer balls. Too many smiles to count, because you prayed. When we can impact someone else, God is pleased. Thanks to all of you, it Can Be Done. And wait for what June has in store. Together we serve an Awesome God.

Carolina now is doing fine (the Opel Meriva ) GM made in Germany. Getting close to 200,000 km. Pray for the next car/van. It is not made for vacation but for service. We would like to ask you for continuous prayers from your side and support.

This month of May started the 19th year of service in Sicily and beyond, and we all will keep on serving.

G’s wife Pennie had a lovely ladies’ party on their carport that went well. Even their neighbors are in need to feel and see the love of God expressed. Because you prayed, it is possible to change people, one at a time.

Again, we thank you for your heart for God, because He has a Heart for us. Ciao for now.
As always: let’s go fishing (really) for one more for the One.

Serving together,

Giuseppe and Pennie Collesano
God bless you