JUNE 2013
Life Eternal – Sicily
Dear friends and prayer warriors,

By the time you receive this report you would have celebrated our Nations celebration on the Fourth of July with family, friends, and plenty of hot dogs and hamburgers with all the trimmings.

We are reminded of the liberty that we have because someone gave his life. With this I am reminded of our freedom we have from the condemnation of sin because of The One that gave His life so that we might have life, and life eternal.
Summer is finally here and it seems it is going to be a different summer than usual because of the weather changes, hot and then cold, so we will see. The volcano, Mt Etna has finally settled down a bit and has been silent and the only noticeable thing has been the white smoke from the top, so all is well.

The fields of crops here is in full swing as it is harvest time and everywhere we see fields already being harvested, still there are few to be done. This reminds us that there is still need for laborers in God’s work bringing in His harvest. Sometimes when I travel to the markets I come to the realization that today we will be the only ones sharing His Word to the people. Keep praying.

A couple of weeks ago we added Adrano to the places that we visit once a month to share the Gospel. On June 9th we were asked to preach and share about evangelism in Rometta Marea in the Province of Messina. The little church was full with people and we were treated to a time of fellowship afterwards and continued sharing with the believers. It is glorious to know we are doing exactly what the disciples did so long ago! This little church would like for us to come back and help them in developing ideas in continuing the work there and holding outreaches.

Again a couple of weeks ago another market was added to our list of places where we go and share His Word. This time it is Paterno’ a few miles from our house. A believer that lives there asked Giuseppe to come and spend a day there at the market. Every time we go we always find people surprised that we give literature and surprised to hear of the reason why – John 14:6.

The summer months will be a bit slow because most of the people disappear to the coastline to spend their vacation time and get out of the heat, which leaves the towns less crowded, but, we will still be ministering.
As we mentioned in our previous report we were blessed to have a place to go and rest too, a gift from a believer from Belgium which allows us to take a few day of much needed rest to refuel. This place is available to you too when you come and visit us.

We want to wish you all a blessed summer, always be a blessing, and remember: Let’s go fishing (really) for souls. Ciao!

Your partners in Kingdom building,
Giuseppe and Pennie Collesano
Partners with Italy for Christ Sicily