Giuseppe and Pennie Collesano

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Hello from a place where winter seems stuck on repeat, Michigan.

The countdown has begun to return to Sicily and beyond. For sure these months have flown by very quickly, still with some joys and trials. The joy of being with all of the family, the trials of taking care of the place that we called home when we would come on furlough.

We just finished cleaning Pennie’s parent’s house that was sold without even being listed, an answer to prayer. At the same time we now have a place to call home when in MI.

We all are in a time of change in our lives, good changes, exciting changes, where we have seen His hands at work. Our oldest, Joshua, took a position in a nearby church where he will lead in worship and creative art. Our youngest, Benjamin recently was hired full time as Tech Director at his church. Our daughter Cristina will move up in her career in the Navy going to Virginia.

These months here have given us opportunities to share with churches and supporters. We have seen renewed excitement and commitment for the ministry in Sicily and beyond. As soon as Giuseppe arrives in Sicily the work will start on a fast pace. The first two weeks of May he and Pastor Vallen Prest will teach and preach in 4 to 5 churches, the teaching will be focused on 1 & 2 Peter, The Challenge of Different Cultures on Our Doorstep (The Refugee Crisis); and the opportunity for the young people to get involved in ministry.

We already have few churches that desire to bring a team or two to help the local churches in Sicily. Please pray about the economy, unemployment in Sicily for university students until age 35 is at an all-time high of 37%, the sales tax is at 22%.

It is predicted that 500,000 refugees will come to Sicily-Italy this year, they will never leave. The neighboring countries are or have already closed their borders. We do have a tremendous opportunity to reach not only the Sicilians, but the refugees that are fleeing their lands for a better life.

2 Corinthians 5:14, this is the reason we are doing what we do. We thank you for been a part of His work with us in Sicily and beyond.

About beyond, we will be exploring the possibility of ministering in Sardinia, the big rock. There live one and a half million people, average church size 10-20, as told to me by a Sardinian believer. It has been in our hearts for the last couple of years to visit and see what the Lord has in store for us there.

We ask you to pray for this new door, that it will be His will and not ours to walk through it. As soon we have more news we will share with all of you.

We need more workers to come and help in His field. As you pray for us, pray also about the refugees, pray for the local churches there that we can help them be proactive in all fronts. We invite you to visit our webpage at Also and Urgent Aid for Refugee’s in the GoFundMe page.

By the way: Let’s go fishing (really) for souls.

Serving together, One Savior, One Lord, and One King.

Blessings, Giuseppe and Pennie Collesano