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Greetings from Michigan!

We hope that you had a blessed Easter weekend and that to be reminded about Christ’s sacrifice was an encouragement to you.

Giuseppe arrived mid-March in Michigan still in the grips of the cold that lingers there. It is always a blessing to be reunited with loved ones after time spent away. Always the Lord opens doors to share our faith with people that need to hear The Good News. Gemma, “Jewel,” is a friend of Theresa in the photo with me. Giuseppe was asked if he could come along and share the gospel with her, an opportunity not to pass. Well, Giuseppe shared the gospel message in Sicilian and Neapolitan dialect. Please pray for Gemma.

In March, we received a big donation of clothes, furniture and 15 orthopedic beds that we donated to two nursing homes and individuals in need – all thanks to the generous believers in Austria and supporting churches. It was also a blessed time with Giuseppe’s mom who celebrated her 90th birthday, during which time we donated four beds to the nursing home where she resides. 

We ask that you pray especially for Pastor Isaac who has decided to stay in Sicily and continue pastoring the African church in Castelvetrano. We are grateful to the Lord for guiding him in his decision to stay. Pray that the Lord will supply for his needs.

Pray also for what looks to be a busy summer for us at Act Now Ministries. We will have two volunteers from Michigan coming with Giuseppe and staying for five weeks. Volunteers will be doing a variety of things and experiencing missionary life in person. A team will be traveling to Sicily at the end of May to mid June ministering in churches and in many localities sharing their testimony. We will keep you posted on opportunities where you might come and serve alongside us. 

We are asked to carry a cross daily. Simon of Cyrene in the Gospel never would have imagined that he would carry the cross of Jesus, where our sins were nailed. 

Well that’s why we are serving, that one more can receive the same forgiveness that you and I have. God bless you for loving God alongside us.

Your servants,

Giuseppe and Pennie Collesano.
Ciao for now.

P.S.  Let’s go fishing (really) for one.