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Greetings from Michigan: We hope and pray that you all are doing well during this crisis that has gripped the world. It is very difficult to understand what is going on. Giuseppe by this time would have been back in Sicily now by a month. Three times he was prevented from flying back. God is in control.

Yes, God has a plan for our lives. At first it seemed a human error created the scheduled flight not to be taken. Who could have imagined that a type of influenza could be so devastating?
At the beginning of March, we were able to send bibles to north of Florence to our partner Pastor Godwin. These bibles were needed so that the African church could reach the refugees arriving north.

We are very thankful that supplied the funds to buy 300 large print bibles. Some of them will be shipped and distributed in Nigeria also. Giuseppe was planning to visit the African churches that have been established since we got involved in outreaching the refugees arriving in Sicily and then migrating north. God is in control.

The last attempt to fly back would have been March 25, and as you know a lockdown was issued for flying overseas. Already we had to cancel the arrival of volunteers from Germany that for the last three years have come and worked alongside us in Sicily and Sardegna. God is in control.

It has now been a few years since Giuseppe has been in the States for his birthday. He was and is very thankful to be with all of his family for the time being. All of you know that it is very hard for him to stay put, always available to share His Word and helping wherever needed. We are thankful that we have faithful brothers that are continuing (were) what was needed to be done. God is in control.

Latest updates now are that he is hosting four weekly bible studies in Sicily, North Italy, Germany, and Michigan. Also, he is part of another two bible studies in Michigan. The response to the Bible studies has been very appreciative and encouraging. Also translation on the bible study series continues. The translation on the discipleship material is almost done in Sicily. Plans were made to visit supporting partners and churches.

This virus with the name corona=crown virus has created a devastation in Italy, with close to 10,000 people dead. In Sicily and Sardegna, there are fewer deaths reported so far, but the numbers are increasing there like here in the States. Even when we are keen in pointing fingers to hold someone accountable for this pestilence, we have to remember that God is in control.

Yes He is, do not give room to fear, it is an invited guest in our mind. Prayers and supplications to our Father will give us strength; Philippians 4:6: Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God. Joshua 1:9: Be strong and of good courage. God is in control.

We do have reasons to thank God. Praise Him and enjoy a few photos of the Bible studies that are happening during this crisis. People need to see Christ. Together we can show and share His love all around us. The Hope that we have we can offer to the ones around us, because we have experienced and realized it in our lives.

When the world thinks of hate, it’s a waste of time. When we love, it’s time that remains, eternally.

We thank you for your faithfulness, for your prayers and support especially during these trying times. God willing, once we get the opportunity to fly back, we will return to minister in Sicily. God is in control.

Serving together Giuseppe and Pennie Collesano.
As always: Let’s go fishing (really) for One more for the One.
God bless you and keep you safe.
Ciao for now.