March 2022 Newsletter

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Greetings from still-cold Michigan!

We pray and hope that this newsletter finds you well and encouraged that in the midst of the chaos of this world, God is still in charge. It seems that we are coming out of the pandemic according to the news here in the States.

Also, some news is not so good, as Ukraine is in the midst of turmoil created by envy and jealousy. Let us continue to pray for the war that is devastating many lives there, as well as the many Christians in the midst of this trial and testing. We know of the many countrymen that are still there and trying to flee the danger of this conflict. Pray.

We still have good news to share because the Gospel Is The Good News. As bibles were purchased months ago, last Sunday our coworker in north Italy near Florence was already giving them to the newly-arrived refugees. Because you pray, God continues His work in the lives of many. Bibles were purchased through for the country of Panama, where the need to reach villages and town with His Word is badly needed. Thank you for praying.

As the pandemic seems to ease off, we wanted to share of the difficulties in Italy. Police were checking people’s vaccination status; no vax, you get a hefty fine on the spot. We hope now that hearing of the easing of the pandemic will allow us to return back in a month’s time. The danger cannot be ignored so we are taking careful steps in order to make plans to get back.

Great news from one of our future missionaries, Nia. We pray and hope to have her in Sicily by May where she will start her ministry in the city of Siracusa. Pray.

We are thankful of the many partners of Act Now Ministries that support His work overseas. Last month, we were able to travel to East Jordan in Northern Michigan to report to the churches there. It was a blessing to rekindle friendships and stories with the church there. Giuseppe Collesano, our president, spent a weekend speaking in one of the churches and part of the leadership of the three churches there.

News from Sicily and Italy ministry are great too. Giuseppe and Isidoro have been busy giving out clothes and bibles in so many places. Just a few days ago, literature was sent to north Italy to new believers who are currently studying with Giuseppe. They expressed their desire to be active in sharing their faith.

God answers our prayers even the midst of chaos and war. We are believers of faith in action and what a blessing to be a part of their joy in sharing His Word with others! As we think of our little trials, let’s focus on prayer for the ones who are experiencing wars and persecution. Do not forget: you and me are the light and salt of the earth. He has entrusted us to follow in His footsteps even at a cost. Keep on praying.

We thank you for supporting our desire and vision to reach one more for the One.
As always: Let’s go fishing (really) for one more for The One.
God bless you.
Giuseppe and Pennie Collesano President of Act Now Ministries
Ciao for now.