March 2024 Newsletter

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Greetings from the Pacific Northwest! After a few years, the Collesano family finally made it to the Gasporra family’s to spend some quality time together. God has provided a great team to minister overseas and we can see His hand in what is happening. Brothers have been able to participate in sharing in some churches about the need to evangelize the vast population of Muslims in Italy, or helping to feed 430 families in Palermo (around 1,300 people).

God is doing amazing things through all of you and our volunteers there. Not to boast, but we can boast in our Lord and Savior how He has provided through the love of other brothers in Europe in providing much needed literature. God is good.

In the midst of all this, our schedule and plans took a detour for a good reason. In planning some doctor visits and making time for that, it was discovered that Giuseppe needs foot surgery due to a “ floating “ bone that has caused a bit of pain for a while — so one small surgery postponed for another. It’s hard for him to stay put but God still has a purpose in it. Thankfully, the planned meetings with different pastors have been accomplished. Now it’s time to take a three-week break because of the surgery.

We welcome these hurdles and understand these stoppages have a purpose: family time. Giuseppe does not remember the last time he spent Easter with his family. God is good in making a stop to take care of health and, most of all, precious time with family and grandkids . One of them already started driving! Where has the time gone?

Time is the best commodity we all have and how we spend it will create the joy in our lives. You are our joy. Like the apostle Paul writes in many of his epistles about his letters’ recipients, we at ANM are reminded to pray for you once you come in our minds. That’s what creates joy, not happiness; joy is a lasting attitude in our hearts and yours.

All of us are truly blessed to be called children of God and privileged to serve the One that loves us. We thank you for your continued prayers and supporting ANM as we continue to reach one more for the One. God bless you.

Please pray over the next few weeks for Giuseppe’s surgery and healing, as well as for the volunteers doing a great job overseas.

As always: Let’s go fishing (really) for one more for the One.
Serving together with you, Giuseppe and Pennie Collesano.
Ciao for now.